Friday, April 22, 2022

S is for Self-Care

 Before I begin today's post, I have to tell you that the A to Z folks answered my email yesterday. I was #35 on the theme reveal spreadsheet but evidently I forgot to sign up for the final list. S is for So Frustrated with Myself! I'm actually proud of myself because in the past, I would have thrown in the towel and said, "I'm done." Instead I'm powering on.

S is for Self-Care at 63

About 30 years ago, I remember saying to myself, "when our kids are grown, I'm getting a pedicure anytime I want to do so!" I guess that time has arrived. I usually get pedicures about 3 weeks apart. Sometimes, in the summer, I might get a few every two weeks apart. I got a pedicure yesterday and I told the lady as she massaged my feet and calves that I was the most relaxed I had been in a month!

I remember saying the same thing about having my hair cut and the roots covered. I now am able to do that about every 5 weeks. This was taken the first time I was able to get a haircut after the big shutdown in 2020. I had whipped my mask off long enough for a quick photo.

Here are some other things I consider self-care -- especially at 63. Most of these would be good for any age!

I know that too much sun is not good for our skin, but sometimes a dose of sunshine is just what we all need.

We all need friends and spending time with good friends is a major self-care item for me and for Mark, too.

For us, our faith is important and going to church together has probably saved our marriage quite a few times over the years. Our daughter was home for Easter so she was able to snap a photo of us before church.

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! I can't say it enough. My mental health is often dependent on exercise. I just so happen to love reading (see yesterday's post) and I most always have a book on the rack while I ride. I just so happened to be studying Sociology on this day.

Pre-covid, I had a massage several times a month. We booked with Hope who brought her massage chair to the church and there were 5-10 of us who signed up every time she came. You could pay for as little as 15 minutes or up to an hour. During the pandemic, she moved out of state with her boyfriend and we haven't found a replacement yet. Massage is an excellent self-care practice.

I've just listed a few self-care practices that I use at 63. How do you take care of yourself? What is your favorite self-care practice?


  1. I've not had a good massage in so long! It's my favorite kind of self indulgence. I never considered attending Church and Bible study as self-care, but yes. I always leave feeling mentally refreshed!

    1. Yes -- I think it helps our soul, our mental health, and our emotional health! Have you found a good massage therapist where you live?

    2. Our next-door neighbor is a co-owner of a place in Prattville, but I've not checked it out just yet.

  2. Self-care is important but easy not to prioritise. I have a wonderful therapeutic masseur who is a delight and helping overcome a problem. I don’t often have an ordinary massage because I prefer more gentle than strong.
    I usually like having a pedicure every few weeks and I reckon it’s the leg and foot massage that’s the best part :)
    I gave up trying to keep the grey tide back and enjoy having grey hair now. I never tan because I have Celtic skin and have to watch for skin cancers.
    Exercise…what I know I need to do but don’t do enough.
    Books are one of my key self-care items.

    Visiting from

    1. I love books. I did read one this week that was so dark . . .it was troubling!