Saturday, April 16, 2022

N is Never Look Down on Someone Unless You Are Helping Them Up/Nourish My Soul/Never Quit

Since there are 26 letters in the alphabet, I think I'm on the downhill slide beginning with N! N is for Never Look Down on Someone Unless You Are Helping Them Up/Nourish My Soul/Never Quit

Never Look Down on Someone Unless You Are Helping Them Up

I'm still working on this one. I'm disappointed in myself that by age 63, I haven't mastered this skill yet. Too often I have the tendency to judge by first appearances. I know this about myself and I still do it. What always amazes me is that 9 times out of 10, the person turns out to be a wonderful person who if anyone was looking down on someone . . .they would be looking down on me. One time I met a lady and she seemed like such a country bumpkin. Imagine my surprise when after spending a couple of days with her (all the way judging her in my head), I learned she was a much sought after veterinarian. She did live in the country BUT she was extremely well educated and was very successful in her field PLUS people loved her. 

We have a homeless shelter here in town called The Firehouse Shelter. It was located in an old firehouse! They have recently built a gorgeous new building. Anyway, my husband volunteered at that shelter often (pre-covid). He never seemed to look down on those folks UNLESS he was offering a hand. We found out about a week ago that they were in desperate need of men's shoes and men's pants and jeans. Mark cleaned out a closet and asked a few friends to clean out their closets and he took a load to the shelter. He then shared the need with our Sunday School class and in another week or so, he can take another load. The worker told him that they give out every pair of shoes they receive - every day!

Here we are (pre-covid) cooking one night . . .actually it was on Valentine's day. It is not a good picture but it was special to be with our son and daughter-in-law cooking for others - offering a hand up.

N is also for Nourish My Soul

Nourishing my soul doesn't seem to be happening as much at 63 as I would like. Mark and I used to be very involved in our local Emmaus Community. I mentioned Emmaus on another day. This is a 72 hour weekend away from home, away from cell phones, away from computers where you work/participate/pray /sing/ eat/make new friends/listen/laugh/cry PLUS your soul is nourished. Even more than nourished, it is almost like your soul is drenched with love and grace and goodness. The local group meets on Tuesday nights and that is when we host the young professionals so we just can't do both right now. Speaking of Tuesday nights, my soul has been nourished the last two weeks. Our friend, Laura, is a seminary student. She isn't your typical age for a seminary student. She is halfway between the normal seminary student's age and my age. She has done such an excellent job of teaching the group and my soul has been nourished. On Friday night, my soul was nourished and depleted all at once as we attended our Good Friday service.

N is also for Never Give Up

When I was younger, I gave up much more easily than I do these days. I'm great at starting projects but sometimes I have a hard time following through. Since I'm now aware of this fact about myself, I try to push harder and not give up. I guess by the time you are 63, you realize that you might want to finish now because you might not get another chance. 

Here are some questions for today. Do you judge people before you know them? Do you take time to nourish your soul? What nourishes your soul? Do you give up easily?


  1. Whew, Lisa! I, too, have been judged and (most likely) found lacking b/c of my accent. Pretty sure we all do it at one time or another. Maybe the biggest life lesson I had was the 15 years I spent assisting the GM at a resort in Phoenix. I discovered one of the landscapers was actually a graduate of medical school in Mexico! While most housekeeping and grounds employees didn't possess pedigrees, one couldn't find a group of folks more genuinely warmhearted and caring. The one I judged most often was my boss. M. wouldn't have been able to remember any of their names if her life depended on it.
    Easter blessings!

    1. I wrote a long comment for you but my own blog is malfunctioning on me!