Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Q is for . . .PLUS Hodgepodge



I’m going to combine my A to Z post plus Hodgepodge #459


Q is for Quality/Quell Rumors/Quiet


Q is usually one of the hardest days to me for the A to Z Challenge. I did think of 3 words that might have something to do with being 63.


Q is for Quality


Just this past weekend, I ordered some new barstools for our island. We went to several places locally and couldn’t find any we both liked. The ones we have now were relatively inexpensive but they have actually held up quite well. With furniture that you want to keep long-term, my mother-in-law always taught me to buy quality and it will last. We bought our dining room suite 37 years ago plus a small camel back sofa and two wing chairs and the sofa and chairs have all been recovered multiple times and it is amazing what great shape they are in.

The chairs and sofa are
covered in fun fabrics now because
we are using them in our
loft area

One chair in the background
minus a cushion which
I'm sure someone is sitting
on! She is so cute and sweet!

The sofa is YELLOW and fun!

There are some items that I don’t always purchase the best quality. I love wearing dresses to work and I like to be able to wash them and hang them to dry and wear again. Some of my dresses are from Amazon, some from Belk, some from Talbots, and some are from various other places. Sometimes the lesser quality garments begin to fade but sometimes the higher quality ones don’t hold up well either.


Do you always purchase “high quality” items?


Q is for Quell Rumors


By the time you reach the ripe old age of 63, you should be the one quelling rumors . . . not starting them. I’m not sure I need to say anymore about this except if you are the one starting rumors of any kind, you might want to start working on that now – whatever age you are.


Q is for Quiet


We love when the kids and grandkids come over and everyone is laughing and talking and having fun. We have noticed that when everyone leaves and the house is quiet . . . .we like that, too! Some people like to turn the TV on when they are home alone, but I’m not usually one of those people. I actually enjoy some quiet time every day.


What about you? No matter your age, do you enjoy some quiet or do you require noise all of the time?


Moving on to the Hodgepodge for today. Thanks so much to Joyce for the questions (I could count that as part of my Q!). You can answer in the comments or you can copy and paste the questions into your blog and answer and link up here.


1. What's something you wish you had spent more time doing when you were younger? Explain. I’ve used this so much lately on my blog that even I’m tired of it! I wish I hadn’t dropped out of college but I will say I’m enjoying it now! I wish I had spent more time with my daddy before he died. I saw him every week but I wish I had asked more questions about his family and about his upbringing. My mom died when I was a Sophomore in high school so I wish I had asked him more questions about her, too. I was 25 when he died and I’m sure I was pretty self-absorbed during those early 20’s.

this was not long before
he died

2. Who inspires you to be better. Tell us how. I feel like I’m inspired to do better every day because of where I work. I sit right outside the senior minister’s office and I get to hear a lot of the good and bad throughout the day. I want to be better!


3. Share a money saving tip with us. I should ask my husband this question. Our cleaning lady messed up her knee and hasn’t been able to work for the last 6 week or so and my husband has decided he can take over the cleaning since he retired and we can SAVE THAT MONEY. I want our cleaning lady to come back soon – very soon. I’m not the saver in this relationship and never have been but I’m so thankful that Mark made us save when we were young.


4. It's National Garlic Day...are you a fan? Your favorite dish that includes garlic? I like a little garlic – in a red sauce for lasagna or spaghetti. If a recipe calls for 4 cloves of garlic, odds are that I will put 1 clove of garlic. I do like garlic bread but I usually melt the butter and add garlic powder not actual cloves of garlic. I think it adds great flavor but I don’t like for it to overpower the other flavors.


5. Would you describe yourself as decisive or indecisive. Elaborate. Hmmm . . .let’s see . . .actually, I’m decisive about some things and indecisive about others. What does that say? hahaha!


6. Insert your own random thought here. We went to dinner on Monday night with two other couples and had so much fun.


  1. Your sofa and chairs look amazing...i enjoy my quiet too everyday...,which is precious to me...enjoyed Reading ur points above. Point one is a great tip for all to talk to parents more..

    Good day

    Dropping by from a to z "The Pensive"

  2. It appears thus far, that many of us answered #1 very much alike. As I wrote on someone else's blog, my kids and grandkids aren't asking those questions either. I trust my printed blog posts will give them an idea of what was important and how we loved life and them, should they ever want to know. Your new chairs look lovely, and yes quality is always the best way to go, especially when regarding furniture.

    1. I hope my blog does the same for my kids and grands!

  3. Quality furniture for sure! We want to make our dining room a bit less formal, but still have the traditional cherry furniture we bought early in our marriage. My decorator says I should work with it, because new stuff is often not even real wood anymore, plus takes ages to get. So we have a plan which is out of the box for me and makes me a bit nervous but I trust her and so we're going to go with it. Not yet, but soon. Good for you keeping up with the A-Z!

    1. I'm thinking that maybe you are going to paint it! I hope you will show pictures.

  4. Definitely quality is important. at the same time, I could totally shop at thrift and upcycle shops.But even then I'm not going to buy poor quality. Loved all your answers.

    1. I have some friends who have marvelous pieces from thrift stores. In our last house, I had a big wooden table that I bought at the Salvation Army store and I used it in my craft room. It was solid wood and very heavy!

  5. I haven't always done so, but now I definitely look for quality. In my growing up years my mother would sew 99% of my school dresses. All I wanted, however, was something "store bought." I'd get SO embarrassed when she'd examine a garment then indignantly exclaim, "PLASTIC ZIPPER!" ... using the same tone of voice one might if they discovered doggie doo-doo on their shoe. LOL.

    1. I'm laughing so hard about the tone of voice!!

  6. Quiet is my top vote interspersed with chat and laughter.

    I had a good chuckle about the “plastic zip” and lack of quality. Very familiar!

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