Friday, August 7, 2015

Take Me Out To The Ballgame . . .or the Fireworks!!

I wanted to blog today - I've been trying to blog at least once a week . . .Hodge Podge Wednesday over at "From this side of the pond" is moving (literally - household) this week so she didn't post any new questions.  I scrolled through my drafts to see if I had any pictures loaded and look what I found.  Pictures from the ONE and only baseball game I have attended this summer.  We have this incredible new baseball park in Birmingham -- Regions Field.  Several years ago, I posted about walking at Railroad Park in a mental health walk.  Regions Field is just down the street.  They have made this a very nice area and my daughter and I felt pretty safe - yes, I said "pretty safe" -  walking a couple of blocks.  I wouldn't want to walk it by myself.  Laura's friends gave us their tickets and as you can see, we had primo seats!  We had a girl's night at the baseball game - which is quite hysterical because neither of us knows that much about baseball!  Of course, we had to have a hot dog - what is a baseball game without a hot dog??

I love love love to people watch and a ballgame is the perfect place to watch people.  It never ceases to amaze my what you might see!

I was paying enough attention to take a picture of the action - hee hee!

My FAVORITE part of the game was the fireworks at the end . . and the hot dog!  This is really sad but I'm not sure I watched much of the game at all.  We didn't get there until right before the seventh inning stretch and then I ran into our friends, Preston and Frances.  I really wanted to talk to them! The time passed rather quickly.  I must reiterate that I just love watching the people!!

The fireworks show was amazing.  I love it when you can feel the BOOM in your chest - you know what I mean?

Want to know something really neat? The building right behind the fireworks is our Children's Hospital.  The kids at the hospital can watch the fireworks from the windows!! I know that I took way too many pictures of fireworks but I really really really love them!

more pics of fireworks . . .keep going . . .

and more . . .

can you tell that I really love fireworks?

Do you have any sports team that you love?  It is almost football season here and the rivalries are fierce.  We are Auburn Tigers - through and through at our house.  I said that we paid Auburn enough money when our kids were there that I would cheer for them no matter what! Have you been to any baseball games this summer?  Do you plan to go to any football games this fall?  I love to hear what other folks are doing!!