Saturday, April 29, 2017

Y is for . . . #AtoZChallenge

I can't believe it!  I can see the finish line.  Today is the letter Y and I immediately thought of our group of Young Professionals that meets in our home every Tuesday night.  On Tuesday night, we had a picnic in the park.  Mark and I are so blessed to have a park steps from our front door.

Katherine brought her Eno and hung it with the assistance of one of the other young adults.

Some brought blankets and made themselves at home on the large expanse of lawn.

We cooked hamburgers and hotdogs and we served potato salad and lots of chips!  My friend, Lynn, made the dessert and it was her famous Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pound Cake with fresh strawberries!!

During the long days of winter, Mark crafted a corn hole set and we carried it over to the park.  Someone brought a Frisbee.

The picture below is blurry but I love it!  We don't really ever grow up, do we?  When presented with a swing, many of us jump right on in!!

My memory on facebook on Tuesday was a picture from a girl's retreat that both Julie and I worked and in the picture we had on matching t-shirts.  At the picnic, we had on matching shirts wo we had to take another picture!!

I have no idea what Mark is telling them.  I think he was getting ready to say the blessing!!

It was a great night - 25 young professionals - lots of fellowship!

Mark and I thank God that we've been given this opportunity to spend Tuesday nights with these young adults!!

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  1. Always a great feeling when you finish the A-Z challenge. Congratulations.