Friday, April 7, 2017

F is for FARM #AtoZChallenge2017

Alabama really is beautiful, y'all . . .yes, we really say y'all!  My husband's family owns a farm in a rural part of Alabama.  Farms are far less plentiful than they used to be but can still be found.  Mr. McKay, who died a few months ago, used to plant large gardens on our farm and we feasted on the bounty every summer!  He also kept cows on the pasture land so at times, this has indeed been a working farm.  In 2017, the farm is used as a weekend get-a-way.  Some hunting occurs during season and lots of fishing line is cast almost year round on the private lake.  I borrowed some of these photos from my daughter's facebook page; some are from my camera or my phone; and a few are from the game cameras on the property.

I just love this black and white picture below.  I had it in a frame in our powder room in our old house.  I love the composition.  I love everything about it.

The lake is gorgeous.  Hubby has been swimming in it to cool off but there are snakes and other things so I'm not sure if I want to swim in it or not.  We've talked of putting a tiny house near the water and maybe making a little sandy beach.  That would be really nice but it might just be a dream.

The fields and trees and sky are beautiful, too.  God does some amazing handiwork!

I have lots of fishing photos - our son, Glenn, below with a fish.  Don't you just love how the mist is on the water!!

Laura lives quite close to the farm so every once in a while, she and one of her friends will meet Mark at the farm and he plays tour guide.  I love the John Deere tractor!!

This picture was taken just a couple of weekends ago.  Laura and her boyfriend, Scott, met Mark at the farm and Mark and Scott fished.  The story goes that Mark would not allow Laura to fish that day because he didn't want her to use one of his fancy poles/reels.

Mark is happiest when he is catching fish - this was on another trip!

When I tell you that this is a farm . . .it is a farm.  As Mark says when he cleans at the farm, "it is guy clean."  There are fly rods and deer heads and turkey feathers adorning the walls!

Blackberries grow wild at the farm.  Mark was picking some when I was there with him last year.  I think I was tired of "farm life" and was sitting in the truck at this point!

The next pictures are from the game camera.  Oh my goodness, I love when Mark brings the memory cards home and I get to look.  Mark said he had never seen a deer stand on its hind legs like this one!

I particularly like the way the sun is shining into the corner of this picture!

Farm life also include some coyotes!!

This is MY ALL TIME FAVORITE -- look at that Bob cat!!!  Isn't he/she beautiful?  Never in my life would I see this down on the farm without a game camera!!

At heart, I'm a city girl, not a farm girl but I love that going to the farm makes Mark happy!  I love that he has a place to go and unwind. l know it takes a lot of work and maintenance but I'm glad he has the farm!!


  1. Those are some lovely photos. Where I lived before the deer used to come into the garden and leave the babies there. They used to strip the bark off the trees and I saw them standing up on their hind legs like that a few times. The tastiest bits were obviously higher up the tree!

    Cait @ Click's Clan

  2. How cool! I wanted to come vacation with you, and then I saw the bob cat. Um, nope. LOL Your pictures are gorgous.