Monday, April 17, 2017

N is for . . . .#AtoZChallenge2017

After a wonderful Easter day, we are back at the April blogging challenge - we are blogging from A to Z!

N is for . . .

1. Neighbor

Mr. Rogers always said, "Won't you be my neighbor?"  At our church, we use "Hey Neighbor" often because "who is our neighbor?"  I love when our senior pastor announces the sponsor of the radio broadcast each Sunday and then asks the congregation to say "Hey Neighbor" so that our shut-ins or those listening on Iheart radio will know that they are a part of the day!!

On a more hometown note, we live on a U-shaped street around a park.  Each home has a small courtyard between the houses.  Everyone on our street has a front porch and we can stand on our porches and talk to our neighbors.  We recently had a major hail storm and as soon as it was over, everyone was out on the front porches snapping photos and talking together!

look at that hail!!

rainbow after the storm

2. Nuts

I know some nuts, don't you?  As a matter of fact, I may be one of those nuts!!  I also love most nuts - pecans and almonds and walnuts.  I DETEST cashews.  They make me sick!!!   Do you like nuts?  Favorite?

3. Numbers

I worked for South Central Bell, American Bell, and AT&T (they kept splitting!!) for many years in my first career.  I had an uncanny knack for remembering phone numbers.  I use my cell phone and hands free dialing in the car most of the time now and I don't know anyone's number.  I actually know my best friend's cell number but not her home number.  I can tell you what my childhood phone number was!

4. Naps

Are you a fan of a good nap?  I love a power nap - 20-30 minutes.  I don't like to sleep longer than that because I get really grumpy!!  I love when our grandbaby girl takes a nap on me.  Yesterday she fell asleep in my arms with her head leaning on my cheek!!  I had to gently turn my head so that her little head would roll off onto my shoulder.  She took a nap on me on her birthday!  Look at that birthday tutu!  She was so cute . . .and so tired!!

5.  Nappies

I just finished reading "What Alice Forgot" and they talked about nappies.  It is so interesting to me that we call them diapers (which that word makes no sense either!) and they call them nappies.  I wonder if diapers/nappies are called other things in other parts of the world?

6. Nature

Spring is beautiful here in Alabama but she is killing me with her pollen.  I love all the colors of spring.  This was the altar arrangement at our church yesterday.  Don't the ladies (and a few gentlemen) on our flower committee do an amazing job?  These are not arranged by a florist - they are arranged "in house" by volunteers!!

7. Nervous

Do you get nervous?  I get nervous about some things.  I've been teaching a large adult Sunday school class and facilitating a weekly small group for years.  I still get nervous!!!  I also get really nervous when I have to go sit at a hospital.  Do some things make you nervous?

8.  Nitrous Oxide

Did that throw you?  I asked hubby just now . . ."what word do you first think of when you think of a word that begins with N."  His response was Nitrous Oxide.  I said, "is that happy gas?"  He replied, "yes"!!!  I don't think I would have thought of that word in a million years!!

9. Next

Tomorrow is the letter "O" - I've thought of one "o" word so far (don't go there!!! that is not the word!) but I'll have to see what other words I can think of overnight.  (did you catch that?? Two words that begin with "o")


  1. Allergic to cashews so generally not a nut lover. As for neighbours - we've got a good set on our street. We've just finished the Easter long weekend and weather has been pretty good up here in Canada so all the kids on the street were out bike riding and playing together. There was a random superhero theme that involved Halloween costumes for a bit. Sort of what I imagined of my neighbours actually playing out in real life - which is lovely. The idea of iHeart radio for those who couldn't attend mass made my day. Lovely idea. - Louise

  2. Louise, I've never visited Canada but would love to some day! Love the SuperHero theme!!