Wednesday, April 5, 2017

D is for . . . #AtoZChallenge2017

I've made a list of 15 words that begin with D . . .from Dog to Death and everything in between and I have not really been able to decide.  Yes, I truly see why the organizers of this challenge recommended that you plan out your 26 days.  I'm not a normal procrastinator so this finds me in a quandary!

I thought about writing about dogs - our son and daughter-in-law have the most beautiful German Short Haired Pointer.  Her name is Riley.  You can see her in this picture with her "sister" - our lovely grandbaby.  Riley can run like the wind.  When she runs, it is as if her hips become "unjointed" (is that a word?) and she stretches out into her full length.  She also jumped/clawed her way over that wooden privacy fence a few years ago while fireworks were exploding nearby.
She still gets so excited when she sees my husband, that she tinkles everywhere - only with him - no one else!!

I could write about danger and disasters.  Most everything has closed down today around us.  We have had thunderstorms with large hail and we've been under tornado watch . . .phone just buzzed . . .under tornado watch until 9:00 p.m.  It may sound silly to close schools and businesses, but on April 27, 2011 a tornado ripped across the state of Alabama that killed people and did a mile wide swath of damage and we tend to be overly cautious now.  I'm able to work remotely so I've been set up on the kitchen island all day on the tablet.  I've had trouble accessing a couple of documents this afternoon so out of frustration, I decided to blog!  This morning, I was able to ride my bike for 30 minutes and since it only took me about 10 minutes to eat lunch, I took a tiny snooze after lunch.  I feel guilty that we didn't go into the office but am thankful to work for people who care about us and our lives.
This picture was early this morning - the park in front of our house was overflowing with rainwater!

I could write about dogwood trees.  Alabama has an abundance of dogwood trees and when they are in full bloom, they are exquisite!

I could write about divorce.  I went through a nasty divorce at a very young age and was forever changed by it and the circumstances.  That time in my life is a part of my "story" and there were people in my life who loved me back to Jesus (thanks be to God!).

I could write about donkeys (just because they are cute) or Durbin's (the wonderful place where we buy peaches every year) or doubt (I experience doubt quite often).

One of the words on my "D" list was desserts!  I do know about desserts.  I couldn't bake a single thing when I married Mark and his mother has taught me to bake quite a few things.  She makes wonderful cakes and has taught me to make her Carrot Cake and her German Chocolate Cake and her Pound Cake.  She first taught me how to make Brown Sugar Brownies - yummmmmm!  I think my favorite cake she makes is the German Chocolate.  It is what I usually request.  I'm lucky because my son and daughter-in-law both love German Chocolate, too!!  (that means my odds of having a piece might happen several times a year)  My husband's favorite dessert is Blackberry Cobbler with vanilla ice cream and he actually taught me to make it.  Our son picked several gallons of blackberries last year and very graciously shared a few with us.

I just though of the thread to tie this all together - D is for Diversity.  I googled diversity and variety is one of the first meanings (wanted to make sure I was using it properly!!).  I've shared a variety of things with you today - D is for Diversity!


  1. All of your "D's" work for me!

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog. Thanks.

    Why are so many people checking into their DNA ethnicity?

    GENEALOGY - Why are so many people checking into their DNA ethnicity?

  2. Diversity works and you touched on lots of fun D words in the post. We have friends down in Tennessee and I saw they were also having horrible storm warnings today. Stay safe! WeekendsInMaine

  3. Good word - diversity. But my favorite "D" word is still dessert! Enjoy your week.

  4. I know there is supposed to be a way that I can comment back to each comment but for the life of me, I can't figure it out! I've visited each of your blogs today and left comments - thanks so much for visiting!!