Thursday, April 6, 2017

E is for Emergency #AtoZChallenge2017

I really have to plan ahead next year for this A to Z challenge.  My brain is spinning each day trying to think of what I want to write.  Once again, I've been working through all of the "E's" in my life. Considering my last name begins with an "E" . . . . I thought I had this one in the bag.  Then I tried to write.  Dead end!

I decided to tell you a silly fun fact to know and tell about something in Alabama.  Did you know . . .
from the Huntsville Madison 911 website
that the very first 911 call was made in the state of Alabama?  Yes, it was.  It was made on February 16, 1968 in a town in Alabama -- Haleyville, Alabama to be exact.  Most people in America have never heard of Haleyville, AL!  The red phone is enclosed in a plexiglass box in Haleyville and you can visit!  The first 911 call was not a true EMERGENCY, it was a test call to make sure that the system worked.

from Haleyville website
I've lived in Alabama for a long time . . .my whole life . . .and I did not KNOW this!  I also did not know that Haleyville has an annual 911 Festival where they honor local law enforcement, fireman, first responders, etc.

According to this article, 1000's of people will attend this festival and they will have a 5K run and they will have music!

Who knew??  I've always loved a fun fact to know and tell . . .and now I have a new one!  

p.s.  I realize this is not my finest piece of writing :-)


  1. That is a fun fact! 911 is still fairly new to Ecuador. It is available throughout the country and there are billboards and advertisements all over explaining how to use it.

    Emily | AtoZ | My Life In Ecuador

  2. Thanks for the new piece of trivia! As for the annual party, I'm imagining a lot of sirens - sort of like in mid-late 1990s dance music :) - Louise

  3. I love the 911 festival idea! Every town should do that!
    Thanks for the visit yesterday!