Wednesday, April 19, 2017

P is for . . .#AtoZChallenge

I'm continuing on with the letter P.

P is for . . . .

1. Park

On Saturday, we took Emma to the park in front of our house.  We pushed her in the swing - she couldn't decide if she liked it or not.  Laura went down the slide with her and then let her go down the little slide.  Even Laura got in on the swinging action!

2. Plants

 Our little courtyard looks so pretty right now.  Our plants are all green and leafy.  Mark replaced the pine straw last week.  He planted some new mini mondo grass between the pavers.  He also planted some flowers in the pots.

I love this picture of the front gate.  I snapped it early this morning and I bent over and snapped it using the tree branches as a frame.  We have pretty plants!!

 3. Preschool

As I was digging through pictures tonight, I found some old ones to share.  The picture of Glenn and Laura with their preschool class and preschool teacher just melted my heart!  Laura is on the left and Glenn is front and center - yes, they have on matching outfits.  Yes, they matched a lot!

4. Pools

We spent a lot of time at pools - Laura taught swim lessons all through high school and college.  This picture was at the old Lakeshore pool and she was teaching for the Birmingham Swim League.  Glenn actually taught for the Birmingham Swim League, too.

We spent hours upon hours at the local pool and at Uncle John's pool.  It is a good thing that we all have skin that tans easily.

5. Prom

This picture was taken before Laura's prom - she was a junior in high school.  Her date was Timmy - now a married man with little children (or child).  Someone texted me today asking if I had any lanterns she could borrow because she is decorating for her child's prom. 

6. Produce

J & S Produce . . or Jason and Sheila . . .or the veggie man . . .whatever you want to call them . . .they come to our church parking lot twice a week and sell fresh fruits and veggies.  Yum Yum!!  We have awesome tomatoes and very flavorful peaches in the state of Alabama along with all sorts of other fruits and veggies.

7. Prayer Garden

 Several years ago, I was blessed to work on the committee that planned, designed, looked at stone, had conference calls, and saw this project through to completion.  We have the most beautiful prayer garden, labyrinth, and columbarium at our church.  My friend, Julie, took the top picture.  I borrowed the bottom picture from our church Facebook page.  I'm going to buy a niche.  I want to be cremated and have my service at the church and then be taken right down to the garden.  No, that is not depressing nor sad to me.  It is a lovely comforting thought!

8. Phella

Phella is one of my very best friends in the whole world.  We met when my twins were 6 weeks old and she was pregnant with her second child.  Our children grew up together.  We've been in a supper club together for 13 years!  Our sons were roommates through college.  I won't put her picture on her since I didn't ask but just know that I love her and thank God for her friendship.

9. Pasta

My husband is not a lover of pasta but last week I made Hot Cheddar Pasta and he loved it.  I did mix up the cheeses and used some smoky gouda and some other great cheeses.

10. Presents

I love presents!  I love to give them and I love to receive them.  I give them better than I receive.  My love language is gifts . . .or at least one of my love languages is gifts!!

11. Passport

When we went to Israel last year, we found out that Israel doesn't stamp passports anymore.  This made me sad.

12.  Persnickety

I just think that persnickety is a fun "P" word!!

13.  Perfume

I had no trouble coming up with words that begin with "P" for my list today!  I guess I'll end on this one.  I hate perfume.  Actually, I hate most scented products.  Last night, as our ice breaker, each person made up two extra commandments.  (please don't be offended - it was just a fun icebreaker - we were not be sacrilegious).  I didn't think of this one last night so I'm adding it to my list now -- Thou shalt NEVER wear perfume into public spaces because you never know when someone is going to have a major allergic reaction (that might be me!!).

I can't wait to read some other blog posts in the A to Z Challenge highlighting the letter "P"!!

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  1. What a lovely list of P's! I love them all - especially the park, plants, and pool. Great post! :)