Tuesday, April 18, 2017

O is for . . . . #AtoZChallenge

O is for . . . .

1. Optimism

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?  Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?  I am an optimist!  I don't have patience with pessimistic people.  One of the meanings is hopefulness about the outcome of something.  I have very close relationships with people who are always worried about the what ifs - what if this happens?  what if that happens?  There are so many things out of our control in this world.  Hope for the best!

2. Onimus

What is an Onimus?  No, WHO is an Onimus?  Mr. Onimus was one of my bosses at South Central Bell, American Bell, and AT&T.  I was the youngest person ever promoted to my position and because I was young and pretty, many people thought I had "slept my way to the top."  Once and for all, I did not!  Mr. Onimus was an unusual man and I wish my friend, Mel Sparkman, was still alive so we could tell you some of our stories.  Mr. Onimus DID help shape me into the person I am today.  He expected total perfection and I worked hard to produce that perfection - or at least the illusion of perfection.

3. Orange and blue

If you live in the state of Alabama, you know that orange and blue are the colors for the Auburn Tigers.  It just so happens that I love the color orange and have splashes of it throughout my house.  This was in December of 2015 - we took my nephew (UT-Austin!) to Auburn to see the town!

Here is a tiny splash of orange on my island (and it is really oranges!)

4. Onions

Are you a fan of onions?  I love them cooked but I cannot stand them raw.  I can tolerate a few raw green onions but not the big round ones.  They give me a migraine!  Anyone else have something similar with raw onions?

5. Omnipotent

Omni - all; Potent - powerful  The God I worship is omnipotent!

6.  Otis and Oliver

I just love those names.  Two of my friends at work have little boys.  One is Otis and the other is Oliver.  I would show you a picture but since they aren't my kids and I haven't asked permission, I won't.  Otis has the cutest personality - he is a tiny guitar playing machine!!

7. Office

Many people dislike going to work - to their office.  I love my office.  I love the people with whom I work (most of the time :-) ) and I love what I do personally and I love what we all do collectively.  I'm sorry for those folks who think of their job as drudgery.

8. Olive Oil

Today is surely one of my most random posts.  I read an article recently about imposter olive oils.  Many name brands were on the list -- they say Olive Oil on the bottle . . .but they aren't.  I love this olive oil from Costco and it was on the "good" list - it is indeed the real thing!

I brought olive oil back from Israel over a year ago.  It is sealed in a can.  I wonder if it is still good???

9. Oven

For years, I complained about my old kitchen.  My appliances weren't great.  I needed a gas stove, etc.  My kitchen in this home is sooo much better!  I do often wish for a double oven.  As much as I cook, I think it would come in so handy!  You can see where my oven and microwave are located.  I could have a double oven put in there but would have to find a place for the microwave - possibly under the island??

10. Oatmeal

Over the last two months, I have eaten so much oatmeal - cold and "raw" - in a mason jar with fruit and yogurt.  My new favorite is 1/3 cup of oatmeal, 1 dannon light and fit cherry yogurt, frozen cherries.  I layer 1/2 of the 1/3 cup on the bottom of the jar, cherries, yogurt, repeat layers.  Oh my goodness, it is still slightly frozen when I get to work.  It is so good!!  The one below is strawberry yogurt, oatmeal, blueberries (2 layers of each) and 2 walnut halves shaved on top.  It is my second favorite!!


  1. Yay for optimists! I'm with you on onions. Nope to eating them raw, but they're great for adding flavor when cooking. :-)