Wednesday, April 26, 2017

V is for . . . #AtoZChallenge

V is for . . .


I don't do vampires . . .I don't like vampire movies . . .they make me have nightmares . . .EXCEPT I can watch the old movie, "Dracula: Dead and Loving It" with Leslie Nielson directed by Mel Brooks.  It is quite funny and Mark and I have seen it enough times that we can quote some of the lines.  At one point, Dracula says, "It is nighttime, so it wasn't real, I was having . . . a daymare!"


We have the best vacuum cleaner.  It seems to really clean up the cat hair and dust bunnies.  Our vacuum cleaner is even better . . .because Mark is the one who vacuums every week.  One of the unique features is the attachment with a terry cloth pad . . .sort of like a Swiffer attached to the vacuum cleaner!!


Mark is around cars and trucks every day and he often calls them "vehicles" -- I just say car!  I do love my little red Ford Escape.  My favorite feature is the self parking feature.  My car's name is Ruby (yes, I'm one of those crazy people who names her car) . . .Ruby can park in the smallest of parking spaces.


Do you feel like you eat the same veggies all the time?  I need some new, "not fattening" veggie recipes - not casseroles - just good clean and tasty veggies.

Yes, the green beans below have bacon in them but they are definitely tasty.  I have a couple of green bean recipes that are good.

I love a good wedge salad!

I was evidently doing meal prep with all of the veggies pictured below.  I roast asparagus and Brussel sprouts often!  Not pictured - I also love roasted carrots.

There is nothing like a giant pan of fresh squash!  We also eat a lot of broccoli and baby green peas.  What are some other veggie ideas?

V is for Volcano

Have you ever been to a volcano?  Mark and I went to Hawaii about 29 years ago.  It was a wonderful trip - we left our six month old twins with my mother-in-law and off we went . . .flying across the country and across the water.  We stayed on the Big Island at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel (at the time it was a really cool hotel - not sure about now??).  I will never forget as our flight descended . . .all we could see was black landscape.  It looked like we were landing on some outer space landing strip. 

V is also for Vegas

Mark had a business trip to Las Vegas the week of my 40th birthday (quite a few years ago!).  We spent several evenings roaming the streets and checking out all of the casinos.  I can't imagine how much it has grown up since then.  We saw a great show and ate some amazing food (and some not so amazing food!).  I guess this was before we had a digital camera and I remember taking some panoramic photos - I think we used a disposable panoramic camera!!  Have you ever been to Las Vegas?  What did you think?

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