Friday, April 28, 2017

W is for . . . .#AtoZChallenge

W is for . . .

I just googled synonym for late that begins with a W . . .because I'm late with this post!  I kept thinking I would have a moment sometime yesterday but it never happened.  We had our supper club over for dinner last night and I worked most of the day yesterday and . . .it just didn't happen.  I almost said, "to heck with it" and then I remembered how close I am to finishing!

W is for . . .


I'm just a tad bit weary this morning!  I did go ahead and ride the bike just now because I have a very busy day.  Mark just said, "do we have anything we have to do on Saturday?"  My response, "NO and I may not leave the house tomorrow." 


Will, as in strong will! (not a sentence - I know that!).  I'm a strong willed person.  Mark is a strong willed person.  We raised two strong willed people.  Now our sweet granddaughter at 11 months and a few days is exhibiting signs of a very strong will.  Strong will can serve you well in life but goodness gracious - sometimes it is hard.  With a face like hers and with such a cute personality, even when she is strong willed, I just want to pick her up and love her!!


Not the kind you build between countries . . .but my maiden name.  I am really thinking about doing one of those DNA studies because I would love to know the origin . . .who am I really?  I've always wondered if Walls was Walz?


I have nothing to say about Whirlygigs . . .I just think it is a fun word! 

Worship and Work

I've shared about both of these with you before.  I'm blessed to work where I worship and I love both worship and work (most of the time)!!

This was not a fancy blog post nor a well thought out blog post, though I had jotted down a few W words in my handy dandy notebook (real paper and pen!!).

I think my X words are WIMPIER (extra points??) than my W words!

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  1. Your posts are cute Lisa. Loved reading the ones I did. You have a beautiful family. Stay blessed and hope to see you around in the blogosphere. ��