Thursday, April 20, 2017

Q is for . . . #AtoZChallenge

Q is for . . . .

1. Qumran

Qumran is an ancient village on the northwest shore of the dead sea.  It is famous for its caves.  The Dead Sea Scrolls were located in some of these caves.

I have no idea who is holding this brochure for me to take a picture!!  I loved hearing about the Essenes from our tour guide.  Qumran was a very interesting place!!

2. Quilts

My niece, Cissy (her nickname - not her real name!!), makes beautiful quilts and has an unbelievable backlog of orders!  She made this t-shirt quilt for Laura a few years ago.  We mailed a box of Laura's Sorority t-shirts to Cissy and she put them all together to make this quilt.  She has also made more traditional quilts and has won prizes for them!!

I have a friend who lives in another state and her blog is called "My Quilted Nest."  I love the thought of curling up in a big nest of quilts!!

Our senior adult group went to Gee's Bend this week.  You can read about the quilts and people of Gee's Bend here.  I would like to go there someday!

3. Quiet time

I love spending time writing in my prayer journal and reading scripture.  At our old house, I spent that time every morning at our kitchen table and I was surrounded by windows.  At this house, I sit at the kitchen island.  My best time of day for quiet time is early in the morning.  My Bible is held together by a Bible cover from a Discovery weekend from about 10 or 12 years ago.  Yes, I could afford a new Bible or I could ask for one as a gift, but I love this one!

I enjoy keeping a prayer journal and I enjoy having a scripture reading guide of some kind or another.  Two different summers, I have read through all the psalms for a change of pace.

4.  Quiet

I'm not a quiet person.  I love to laugh and I laugh out loud.  I love to participate in a good conversation and the more excited I become, the louder I talk.  I was a straight A student with C's in conduct.  Do they still give conduct grades?  My daddy would say, "It seems to me that someone as smart as you could keep her mouth shut."  What can I say? Obviously, a lot!

5. Quirky

Do you know some quirky folks?  Yeah, I do, too . . .or maybe I'm one of the quirky ones!!

I can't wait to read some other Q blogs . . . those words didn't come as easily to me as have some of the other alphabet letters!!


  1. A very diverse set of Qs. My quiet time is also in the morning. I usually sip my tea and watch the hills - very calming.

    Suzy at Someday Somewhere - Quieting the mind

  2. I have seen examples of where people have turned t-shirts into quilts. I think it is such a great use of them and a fun way to keep the memories alive. The one your niece made is beautiful. WeekendsInMaine

  3. Suzy, thanks for commenting!! I drink a diet pepsi during my quiet time!
    Karen, thanks for commenting!! My niece is indeed very talented.