Saturday, March 6, 2021

Letter from a cat

10 or so years ago, a cat showed up on our deck one night and he became our cat. Laura had always wanted a pet and she named him Snuggles - or Snug for short. You can read about him in some of my old posts - here and here (and more!). We had to have him put to sleep in 2014 and it was one of the most traumatic days of my life . . .I'm not being overly dramatic. It was a hard day. While cleaning out some stuff in our attic, I have found a treasure trove of memories and this memory was too cute and funny not to share. All of our family was going to the beach and our daughter-in-law's mother was coming to check on Snug every day and feed him, etc. Laura wrote a letter to Ann asking her to mash up his food and put a little water on it because he was an old man. When we got home, we found a letter from Snug to us!!

Dear Beloved Family,
Welcome Home! I have missed you terribly! In your absence, I have faithfully guarded the casa, and expect to be showered with gratitude and affection upon your return! The servant you dispatched to tend to my needs has been adequate, and I have tolerated her attempts to befriend me; however, her lap is not nearly as inviting, nor are her chin scratches as satisfying. I look forward to your imminent return with great anticipation. 
                                    Felinely yours,
                                    Snug (with a paw print)

Just as an FYI, we thought Snug was a big cat. He was big. He was a gorgeous tuxedo kitty. BUT we thought Snug was big before we adopted Harvey. Harvey is one big cat dude! He is curled up tight in this picture. When he sits on the arm of the sofa, he is as long as the arm. 

Oh yeah - I'm still allergic to cats. Dr. Smith, my allergy doc, said, "When Harvey dies please do not get another cat." We will see . . .we will see. Dr. Smith is probably right. We shouldn't get another cat but pets sure do make life better.


  1. That's precious! I've never been owned by a feline, but once dated a man whose dog wrote me a letter as means of introduction. Harvey is beautiful. ❤️

    1. how true -- owned by a feline!! I must admit that is a cute idea for the dog to intro the man!