Thursday, March 25, 2021

The Fab Five

If you are my friend on Facebook, you've seen the reminders I post each week for our Tuesday night group. We've been hosting the group since 2010. Mark and I think of all of the young professionals who have walked through our front door as "ours." There have been a couple of weddings after folks met around our dining room table (pre-covid). There have also been friendships that have forged and remain strong. Our daughter has a group of friends and they all met on random Tuesday nights and they call themselves the Fab Five. They were all single and carefree when they met. Life is in constant motion and now 3 are married; 2 have children; 2 are in relationships; and one is about to become a mother. Laura and I hosted a drive through baby shower on Saturday afternoon for the mommy-to-be. Laura purchased the party supplies and left them at our house. Mark and I spent time putting together decorations and favors on Friday afternoon and evening.

Have you ever made a balloon arch? This was our first one and a friend had told me to order an electric balloon pump. Thank goodness for wonderful advice!! There were balloons everywhere and they kept popping. . . .all evening long. We would be busy doing something else and POP! I jumped every time!

Mark measured and we had a 12 foot long column of balloons!! We tried to keep the balloons away from the rugs because we wondered if the rug fibers were causing the balloons to pop. Just FYI - no, the rug had nothing to do with it! I could not have managed this without Mark. Well, I guess I could have but it was much easier because of his help!!

We ordered a 6.5 gallon tin of gourmet popcorn from The Popcorn Factory and we purchased a tag from an Etsy shop that said, "Thanks for popping by."

These pictures show a gorgeous day and it was BUT it was so windy and a tad cool. Just in case you are wondering, the balloons continued to pop all day!

In addition to the popcorn, we ordered mini cupcakes from Ashley Mac's. One of the Fab Five is married to one of the chefs for Ashley Mac's!! Our mommy-to-be loves bling so we had shiny gold boxes for the mini cupcakes. We tied pink and white ribbons on the bottles of water.

Friends and family drove around our U-shaped street and were able to stop in front of our house and visit with the mommy-to-be for a minute or two. The baby's grandmother and great grandmother came and stayed throughout the party.

Who would have ever imagined that in 2021 we would be hosting drive through showers where we gathered outside and were seated 6 feet apart and wore masks (except for a few quick pictures)?

The Fab Five in all of their glory with mommy-to-be in the middle! They've been through lots of life together - from anxiety to cancer to grief to weddings and babies. They are wonderful and interesting young adults and Mark and I love them all!!

Here in the deep south, it is customary for the honoree to give a little hostess gift to the hostesses. Because of allergies, I normally have a hard time with scents BUT this candle smells like coffee and it doesn't bother me!! yay!! I think this is such a sweet gift!!

Even with chairs on the sidewalk, masks around our ears, and distance between our chairs we still had a wonderful time showering baby and mommy.

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  1. Your home is so lovely, Lisa! I'd never heard of a drive-through shower, but everything and everyone looks great. Wow on that balloon arch; I'd be stressing to the max.

    PS - Hope you and your family were all spared from last night's storms? Worrisome, watching it head towards B'ham, but lots of prayers were lifted!