Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our big kitty

This is the kitty that adopted us back in November of 2009. Yes, I'm still allergic to cats. Yes, I've been to the allergy doctor. Yes, I even had to have a steroid shot on Friday. Yes, I'm probably going to start taking allergy shots again. But this is our cat. We are now attached. When he first came to live with us, we weren't sure of his gender. . .but even though he was easily frightened, he wanted to be petted and wanted to "snuggle" against us . . .so Laura named him Snuggles. We finally decided to take him to the vet over the Thanksgiving holiday and we found out that Snuggles is a guy . . .so now we call him Snug or Mr. Snug or Snug Bug. One of Glenn's friends said he needed a really masculine name like Bonesaw (because of his unbelievable claws and teeth). So officially his name is Snuggles Bonesaw. Snugs is actually an old man. Snugs is actually a very large old man. His back feet are so large that they look like rabbit's feet. I took this picture of him on Saturday sitting on his outdoor throne (the lounge chair on the deck). I believe he is smiling at me!! I guess he really loves us now because he brought us this surprise . . .a flying squirrel . . .that had been chewed upon :-) Oh the joys of having a cat for a pet!!

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