Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fishes . . .and loaves - no wait - asparagus

This is the lake at the farm. This is a much loved lake that was planned for many years. Somewhere in the past, I have written about this lake :-) This was what the lake looked like on Labor Day morning. "Was I at the farm," you might ask? No, I had to steal this picture from Mark's little digital camera. I must admit that he took a great picture. Look at the mist rising off the water and the gorgeous sky and the shadows. Mark took his brother, Bill fishing. They left on Sunday afternoon and fished on Sunday night and then got up and fished on Monday morning. This is a new lake and up until today, every fish they caught was thrown back. Guess what? This was the day when they were to catch fish and keep them. There is some "rule" that now they have to catch and keep so many fish in order for the other fish to grow big (or something like that??). Here is Bill - I understand that he caught the big fish of the weekend. Not sure if this was it or not. Bill has Parkinson's and we are so glad that he is able to enjoy life and spend time fishing with Mark.
Here is Mark with one of his fish. This lake and fishing (actually, it is "catching") makes these men very happy!!

Now this is as fresh as you can get!! Fish caught earlier in the day - transported home and cleaned and de-boned (he even took out the little pin bones for Laura and me). We sprinkled the fish (and the asparagus) with olive oil and Cavender's Greek seasoning and Mark grilled it for us. I'm not a big "fish" eater but I love really fresh fish!! Thanks Mark and Bill!!

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