Monday, September 6, 2010

It is official . . .Glenn and Lauren are getting married!!

Last weekend, 11 couples hosted a wonderful and beautiful engagement party for Glenn and Lauren. We are so excited to welcome Lauren into our family. These pictures are in random order (seems like I do that often -sorry!!) and they are just a "glimpse" into the evening. Here is a picture of Lauren - I sure do wonder what someone said to her that made her say, "OH"!! Lauren is on the left in her cute auburn dress and then Whitney is sitting in the chair and then Sarah and then Laura and Michael (the newlyweds) and Tori is in the floor. I loved watching both Glenn and Lauren with their friends that night. Their faces are so full of life and so fresh!! (said like only a mama could say!) Our friend, Kevin, had my camera at this point and he was trying to catch facial expressions. I think he did a great job!! Here is the picture as we began to serve our plates. The food was outstanding. The table decorations were lovely. Everything was so beautifully presented. The hosts and hostesses worked so hard and it showed. The picture shows Lauren, then me and then Mark at the table. In the background is Jennifer and Kaylor and Jon and Michael and Laura.

"Our" Laura was out of town - she had already made plans to go to Pensacola this weekend and so she wasn't with us. We sure did miss her smiling face.
Ann, Lauren's mom on the left, then Glenn and Lauren, Mark and me. We are just missing Laura (and also Bradley, Lauren's brother who is away serving our country - he'll be back in time for the wedding).

This is a great picture of Kaylor and Mark. Mark calls Kaylor his "good son." I love that we "know" our kid's friends. Kaylor and Glenn have been friends a long time. Glenn and Kaylor and Michael and Jon (and our Laura) grew up together in the same church. Three highschools were represented but all five of them were active in our church youth group. Everyone but Jon went to Auburn (and I think he did for a semester). All three of them are groomsmen in the wedding. We are so proud of all of them. They have grown into great young adults. Glenn, Kaylor and Michael all faithfully attended and served on different teams at the Wesley foundation (United Methodist campus organization) in Auburn. Michael's parents, Guy and Phella and Kaylor's parents, Laura and Allen were two of the couples who hosted the party.

Everything was decorated so beautifully. Debbie (hostess) arranged these flowers. Bonnie (another sweet hostess) arranged the flowers on the dining room table. Both were lovely!!

This is so cute! Our friend, Dona (another hostess) made this for Lauren to wear at the party.

Here is a picture of Glenn with two of his buddies. It was really funny. The group of girls sat in the den and talked a long time and I was wondering where the rest of the guys were . . .found them! Glenn and Kaylor and Jonathon. They are not all in the picture but this living room was full of the guys - including Tim Lunceford (father of Jon - who is a groomsman and somehow Jon's mom was also in there with all of those guys!!). Most everyone at the party was either a host/hostess or a member of the wedding party (or their parent).

Glenn and Lauren with Kim in the middle. The party was at Kim's house. (her husband Dave was travelling on business so we missed him, too!!)
I would love to share more pictures but for some reason, blogger will not allow me to upload anymore. It was a wonderful night!! Thanks y'all!!

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