Friday, September 3, 2010

My wing took flight

Last Sunday night, we had the privilege of attending a Barbecue and Bar Shower for our good friend, "Miss" Mary. This is a picture of Mary and her daddy, Roy! We have the neatest relationship with this family. When Glenn & Laura were in the first grade, Miss Mary was their Sunday School teacher. She also became our numero uno baby sitter. She was our baby sitter for years!! Not only did we love Mary, but our kids adored their time with Miss Mary. She took them all sorts of places. She even took them to Johnny Rockets on Southside for their 10th birthday. Mary is 15 years younger than I and her mother is 15 years older than I which is also a neat part of our relationship. I am friends with both of them. This is Mary and her fiance', Chris. This was our first time to meet Chris and he seems like a great guy and Mary seems so very happy!!
I took lots of pictures but this is my favorite of the evening!!

This picture shows a teensy tiny bit of Mary's personality. She is sweet, cute and funny and loves to laugh. She has always been a joy to me!!

Laura was six years old and Mary was younger than Laura when we first met. Now they are both two beautiful young women. We are so thankful for our relationship with the Smith family. We are so happy for Chris and Mary!

One of the foods they served was wings. Mark had on his nice shirt and was eating something or other and one of the wings on his plate fell down the front of his shirt. Now those of you who know us well . . . know that usually happens to me - not Mark. Someone commented and said, "Mark, that means you are getting old." He looked at me and said, "Well, she must be 105 then." Then he said with his dry wit . . ."My wing took flight." I immediately laughed and said, "that sounds like a blog post title." So here it is!!

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