Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Labor of Love - Baby Love!!

Mark left for the farm around 3:00 on Sunday afternoon. He had planned an evening and morning of fishing with his brother, Bill. As soon as he left, I opened the laptop. Pandora is such a great sight. I started listening to some really great music (and I could listen to it as loudly as I wanted - for some reason, Mark doesn't like loud music). Mark had carried the portable table into the family room for me. I have the really great set-up in the bonus room upstairs but that room has carpet and the cat has been in there a lot. I had to get a steroid shot for allergies on Friday so I decided to play it safe and move into a room with hardwood floors!! We had friends over on Saturday night and will not have to "clean" up until this weekend so I can make all the mess I want (all week!!)

Yes, those are paint stains and Lord knows what else all over the table. We clean it but most of those stains are permanent. Yes, those are reading glasses. I can't see to sew anymore without them. Yes, that is my very old Elna Club sewing machine . . .she is starting to show her signs of aging. I don't want to buy another sewing machine. They cost so dang much!! I can't replace her bobbins anymore - they don't make them and no one even on EBay or anywhere else on the Internet has them.

You know we are Auburn fans so I had to have some blue and orange material. Isn't that cute? I told Laura just last week that I don't have enough time for my hobbies lately. So I decided that Sunday afternoon and evening and Monday would be spent doing things I love. I listened to music and sewed. I finished a James Patterson novel. I watched the Sound of Music while I sewed and it was just as good as the first time I watched it. I even cried. I know - how silly!!
Here is a close up of one of the bigger shirts. These diaper shirts are for a ministry called Baby Love (I've done a whole post on this - maybe last spring??). This is a larger shirt for possibly a baby born full term with a heart condition. I pray for those babies as I sew.

Here is a small stack of finished garments. These are truly a labor of love - of Baby Love - of the love of Jesus - doing something for others because I feel like I have been given so very much.

The bottom row of shirts is for 3-4 pound babies - preemies. They have Velcro on the shoulders so the nurse can Velcro the shirt around all of those tubes, etc. Last night, I cut out a bunch more and pinned the ribbons in. I'm having so much fun. My Labor Day labor is extending into Labor Day week!!


  1. Yes . . .Quiltbirdie :-) We have a cat and yes, I'm still allergic. He adopted us last November and he is an old man and he is a GIANT cat and he loves us and we have all become attached to him. I don't pet him and he stays outside a large portion of the day (unless it is cold or raining). He sleeps in the basement at night. He is not supposed to get on any of the furniture downstairs (and we all work hard at that). BUT upstairs is a different story!! My next post is about him and you can see his picture!