Friday, September 3, 2010

Glenn is a Master . . .and Lauren too!

Don't ever depend on a brand new camera for an important event. Lesson learned!! Thank goodness that Brad was taking pictures also and I can get copies. I LOVE my new camera but had no idea that all my pictures from Auburn's August graduation . . .that included my son, Glenn and his fiance', Lauren . . .would be so horrible. I actually knew it as soon as I took the first one and previewed the picture and it was so incredibly dark. After about five photos, I remembered "turn the flash off" and after I did that I got a few decent ones but no excellent photos. I also didn't take the big camera lens because I just wasn't sure . . .also a mistake. Once again, lesson learned. So this picture is ok . . .here we are waiting on graduation to start. On the back row, we have Mark and his mama and Laura. We were so excited to finally meet Lauren's brother, Bradley - he is in front of Mark, then Ann (Lauren's mama) and her Uncle Creighton (who is not in the picture for some reason)

Glenn is about the fourth one in line (I think) . . . see how tiny!! We are so proud of him. He received his Master's in Exercise Physiology and is in Mobile looking for a job.

Here is cute sweet Lauren with her hands up in the air . . . seconds after receiving her diploma. She is already working in Mobile - she has a fellowship for one year working with autistic children. Her degree is applied behavioral analysis (or something like that). They are both smart young adults who we know will go far in this big old world! We are proud of you both!!

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