Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chocolate chip cookies . . .oh my!

I have had too many of these tonight so I am wide awake!! Tonight was the young adult Bible/book study at our house. We had a delicious dinner - an old recipe called "Husbands Delight." My friend, Margaret Morrow, gave this recipe to me at least 30 years ago!! I believe it is a recipe from the 50's. We also had salad and garlic bread. Each week, a different friend has been making dessert for us. We have had some yummy surprises. Tonight's dessert was provided by Donna Nelson. She made double doozie cookies - cake mix cookies with icing in between. She also made tiny brownies and they had coconut in them. As we were cleaning up the kitchen, I lifted the foil in one of the pans and found a whole layer of these:We didn't know that there were chocolate chip cookies hiding under that foil. Donna makes wonderful chocolate chip cookies. Several of the young adults were still here visiting and talking so I took the pan into the living room and they were excited (especially our daughter, Laura). She actually squealed!! While we were cleaning up the kitchen, I ate three of these cookies. Now I'm wired!! (you have to understand that my brain shuts down around 8 p.m. normally!) Oh well . . .I wonder how many Weight Watchers points were in these cookies????

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