Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunday lunch at Grandmother's house

We eat lunch at my mother-in-law's house every Sunday after church. Well, actually . . .we probably eat there about 45 out of 52 Sundays a year. Occasionally, we eat at Zoe's or at the Dragon (Chinese) and a couple of Sundays a year she is at my sister-in-law's house in Delaware. But all of the rest of the Sundays in the year . . .this is where you will find us. We go to early church and then to Sunday School and then we go to her house and I help her finish preparing lunch and Mark cuts her grass. We eat at 12:30 . . .unless it is just us and then we sometimes eat earlier :-)

These pictures were taken last Sunday when Glenn and Lauren and Jerel were all here. While we were finishing the lunch preparations, some folks were sitting in the den visiting with each other. She has this incredible sofa that is about a mile long . . .two very tall adults can lay on it . . .or as you can see, four (or more) adults can easily sit on it. It really is a great sofa.

She also has this really comfortable chair and ottoman. Glenn claimed it on this day. It is a great reading chair. . . .or a great chair right in front of the tv. George ended up sitting on the hearth.

We usually serve on the island in the kitchen . . .makes life easier.

She is of the "old school" regarding meals. You need a meat, a salad, a starch, two vegetables and bread and dessert. She buys these wonderful large rump roasts and covers them with black pepper and garlic salt and cooks them in the oven. Delicious. What else were we having that day? I see rolls . . .and baked apples (Glenn loves them and she always tries to fix our favorites) and green beans and yukon gold potatoes and there was some other vegetable but I cannot remember what it was . . squash perhaps? The salad was over to the side. Since Glenn and Lauren had not been home in a while, she made several of Glenn's favorites including homemade banana pudding for dessert. She makes the kind where you cook the custard - she doesn't use instant pudding . . she makes it from scratch.
Lunch at Mrs. Susie's house (no, I don't call her that - I call her Grandmother or Mark's momma) is kind of legendary. We have tried to get her to auction off lunch at her house for the youth fundraiser but she has decided that it is just too much pressure. I think it would bring in quite a sum of money. Her tradition of serving family lunch on Sundays serves multiple purposes - one, she gets to see her kids each week (those that are in town). It also keeps us a little closer because we all sit down together. She also gets her yard done each week by Mark . . .so there are a lot of good things in it for her. Now, every once in a while you might find me complaining about lunch on Sunday . . .not about the food, just the fact that we are expected to attend . . .but I guess . . in reality, I love it. It is tradition. It is family. And it is quite yummy!

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