Sunday, March 20, 2011

Live Love Laugh . . a lot!

Last weekend was such a fun weekend. In an earlier post, I shared about our "first" pedicure - the three girls. I also shared about the boys playing in the back yard. The whole reason that Glenn and Lauren and Jerel came home to Birmingham was for a wedding. They drove to Birmingham on Friday afternoon and met Laura at Grandmother's house and they all quickly cleaned up and changed clothes and went to the rehearsal dinner which was held at Vulcan (a local landmark). They arrived at our house on Friday night after Mark and I were long asleep. We had all day Saturday to hang out and cook cheese grits for breakfast and tacos for lunch and Tori and John Carl came by for lunch. Then we all got ready to go to the wedding. Just an aside - we desperately need one more full bathroom in our house. We have two and a half which was ok when the kids were growing up. But now . . .we really need another one but I just don't see it happening anytime soon. We did it though - everyone was showered and ready and off we went to the wedding which was held in the chapel at Hunter Street Baptist Church. Jen, the bride, actually graduated from the same high school as Glenn and Laura. Then Jen and Laura both ended up in the same sorority at Auburn. Not only were they sorority sisters, but they were hall mates when they lived on the sorority hall and then they were roommates the last two years of college. Jonathon and Glenn were friends at Auburn so it worked out great that we were all invited!! After the wedding, we headed to the reception which was held at the Wynfrey.
They had fun sunglasses as one of the "party favors." My pictures are a little bit mixed up because I had to borrow them from Laura's facebook page. Let's see . . .let me tell you about the food - they had a turkey and dressing station. I need to ask them if that is one of their favorite meals. (it is mine!) They also had a potato bar and a salad station and a mixed station (with fried ravioli and fruit and quesadillas - that kind of stuff). They had beer . . . which leads me to the next picture. Mark and I have been married almost 27 years and I can count on one hand the number of times he has been on the dance floor. Well, he danced with Laura. . . .more about that later.

This is a picture of the lovely roommates. Lauren on the left (Laura was in her wedding - the one that was in the magazine!!) Ellen is next. Ellen is engaged and we are having a party for her at our house soon. Ellen lived with us one summer while she did her internship in Birmingham. Jen if of course, the bride!! Laura on the right. Laura is waiting on Mr. Right. I am praying for Mr. Right for her!!

Not only did Mark get out on the dance floor . .. but so did I (and I was the designated driver so I wasn't drinking beer - which I don't like anyway!!). Jerel got me out there and I laughed so hard. It was fun and I must say that it was really good exercise.

He twirled me around and danced all over the place.

And look at this . . .not only did Mark dance with his daughter but he danced with me (I was actually first the pictures are out of order - just had to throw that in there.) This is such a rare occurrence that Laura grabbed the camera and Michael P. grabbed their camera. I don't think any of them had ever seen us dance together.

This is the funniest picture though. They were doing the Cupid Shuffle (is that the name of it - the one where they say something about "to the left .. .to the left"?). Jerel came and got Mark out on the dance floor. Now Jerel has great rhythm and some pretty good dance moves . . .and he was trying to teach this old white man how to do it. I laughed so hard and grabbed Laura's camera from the table and started snapping away.

Thought I would close with a picture of a very happy Mark. He loves this group of guys and loves to hang out with them. I say that hanging out with younger folks makes us feel younger!! You've seen these young men before on my blog - they were all in the wedding. Kaylor and Michael on the back. Glenn on the left (and he has lost 20 pounds since the wedding!!) and JohnCarl and Mark. I must admit that I love them, too.

Yes, I did drive home after a very fun evening!! Thanks Jen and Jonathan for the invitation!! May God richly bless your marriage!!

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