Friday, March 18, 2011

backyard fun . . .even at 24 years old :-)

Glenn and Lauren and our friend, Jerel came home from Mobile last weekend. When Glenn was a little boy, he always wanted to be outside playing. He was either riding a bike or playing ball or roller blading. He never wanted to stay inside and read and he didn't watch a lot of tv or play too many video games. He wanted to be outside. Well, that hasn't changed much. Laura, Lauren and I pulled into the driveway after our pedicures and look what we found. The boys were outside playing with the arabee. I love it when my new camera actually catches the action.

Jerel was executing a fancy throw. I think they played a lot of ultimate frisbee, etc. while at Auburn!!

Glenn made much fun of me for taking this picture but it was a gorgeous day and he is my handsome son and I hadn't seen him in two months and I'm a middle-aged momma - what else do I need to say????

We looked out the window and realized that Jerel was lying (or once again . . .is it laying??) in the grass SOUND ASLEEP. He took a good nap right in the middle of the back yard . . .until he got too hot and came inside and finished his nap in the cool house.
ok, I followed everyone around with a camera all weekend. I admit it. I do that. I'm obsessed. When I uploaded all of the pictures, look what I found. Jerel had picked up my camera and made this hilarious picture of himself!!!

Just another day of playing in the backyard . . .bliss!

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