Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Friends at work . . .

I am blessed. I know it. I thank God for that fact. I get to work with really nice folks in a good place. I know this for a fact because I have worked in other places where people were not nice to each other. I have worked in offices where folks would use profanity to pepper their sentences . . .and maybe even direct those profanity laden sentences at you. Being on a church staff is a little bit like a dream come true. Don't laugh at me. I really love my job.

One of the reasons I love my job is the people. They are all unique creations . . .created by the Creator of the world . . .in His image. Some of them are funny. Some (actually most everyone) of them are incredibly gifted and talented. I'm close friends with some. Good people.

Every few months, we celebrate birthdays. We celebrated on Fat Tuesday with a delicious lunch. Some of the lunch was provided by a church member who brings lunch for us every Fat Tuesday. We always have birthday cake and celebrate all the birthdays that have occurred since the last get-together. On this day, we were celebrating several birthday. Both Scott and David are a year older. David is in the middle- he is our youth minister and he is doing amazing things for Christ! Scott is on the right and he is our Director of Music. Music at Trinity has gone to a whole new level since he came to Trinity. Mary is over on the left. She is the keeper of all of us. She is actually the Administrative Assistant (or something like that) for the senior minister.
Speaking of the senior minister, here he is . . .in his Mr. Roger's sweater. We all tease him about his sweaters. It wasn't his birthday but he had just made all the announcements, etc. and we were getting ready to sing happy birthday. We had King Cake for birthday cake.

Kristi and Amy are so much fun. I love that they let this old woman hang out with them. They make me feel young!! Kristi is expecting baby number FOUR . . .yes, I said FOUR. She is a brave woman. I love to laugh with both of them. We eat lunch together every day. We eat at 11:30 every day and we start the circle and usually quite a few other staff members join us.

I don't have pictures of everyone but there are so many good people at work. Our "boss" is Ann and then we have Haley and Jeanne and Linda and Julie and Donna all of the other pastors. We also have a great janitorial staff and they join us for this big luncheon. I'm sure that I'm leaving out someone's name. Most everyone gets along very well and we enjoy working together.
Here is one more picture. Each person gets a birthday card signed by everyone. Pretty much every white space on the card is filled up with birthday greetings. I always love reading what everyone writes because there are always some funny comments. Scott is checking out his card in this picture.

To work at a place like Trinity UMC is a blessing. I recognize that and I give thanks!! Now I better get my behind in gear and go get ready . . .so they won't fire me!!

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