Thursday, March 3, 2011

still going strong . . .

God continues to amaze me. About a year ago, we started hosting a young adult study in our home . . .and the study still continues. We've studied various things . . .the group has been fluid . . .some of the original participants are in the group . . . God is amazing. We are studying Mere Christianity now and I love hearing every one's opinion. There is a faithful group of servants who make dessert each and every week. I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pictures on Tuesday night. Lori made the desserts this week and she made this amazing homemade King Cake. It had a cream cheese filling (and I LOVE cream cheese). There was not a crumb left at the end of the night. She also made oatmeal cookies and chocolate chocolate-chip pound cake.Sometimes I have centerpieces on the tables . . and sometimes I don't . . .and this group doesn't judge me either way! I will say that I have been pleasantly surprised that some of them do actually notice when there is no centerpiece. They were looking at these flowers on Tuesday night and one of the guys said, "Is that a pickle jar?" Yes, Will - you are observant - my fancy vase is a left over pickle jar!!
Rhonda (who happens to be the mother of one of the young adults) offered to help with the food this last week because she knew that I was working Discovery all weekend. She made two bowls of wonderful salad and she provided the bread and the tea and the salad dressings.

I serve from the top of the stove and the counter tops each week. Here are just a few of the folks serving their plates. Starting at the left - Shay, Keith, Dustin and Kelly.

God is amazing. We love this group of young adults. We average about 20 or so each week and they probably don't know this but they have become "ours" - Mark and I have grown to love each and every one of them. I can't wait to see what work God does in each of their lives and I can't wait to see what He does in this group this year.

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