Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Q is for Quesadlilla

What food or recipe begins with Q? Quesadillas!! I really love quesadillas from Taco Mama or from Frontera or Tecate - all local restaurants. We have found that quesadillas are easy to make at home and we can customize our ingredients. I'm going to be honest, quesadillas made at home are better if you use butter (land o' lakes) in your skillet but remember I'm on WW . . .so butter spray and a tiny drizzle of olive oil will suffice. Here are the ingredients I chose for my breakfast quesadilla. Yes - breakfast. Sometimes the thought of real breakfast food makes me gag so years ago, I realized that I might enjoy some other things for breakfast - like a turkey sandwich or a grilled cheese or a quesadilla!

On this day, these were literally the ingredients I had in the house:
thinly sliced ham
Velveeta slices
Mission Carb balance tortillas
butter spray & olive oil

Spritz the butter spray and olive oil into your skillet. I use my all clad non stick skillet for quesadillas. Turn heat to medium. Place tortilla in skillet and add ingredients. Sometimes we make plain cheese quesadillas but I was really hungry on this day and wanted to up my protein.

We like our tortilla to get a little crispy. This is more difficult when using only a spritz of oil and butter spray. When you use real butter . . .the butter makes the quesadilla wonderful and toasty on the outside!!  Allow cheese to melt - flip and heat other side and cook a few more minutes.

Eat and enjoy!! I know you love my beautiful china. Busy mornings definitely call for paper plates at our house. This is great when you are in a hurry in the morning or really tired at night. If we have tortillas, cheese, and butter/olive oil/butter spray in the house, we can have a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When you make your quesadilla you can use all cheese and you can even use a couple of kinds of cheese. You can add other protein - turkey, chicken, ham - whatever you have on hand!

Do you ever eat things for breakfast other than traditional breakfast food? Do you have a recipe or favorite food that begins with the letter "Q"?


  1. Who doesn't love a good Quesadilla? OMIGOSH and you can eat them for breakfast with eggs, lunch with veggies and din-din with chicken or anything. How about a fruity Quesadilla? I had to think for a minute what a favorite Q food would be and how silly that I couldn't remember... I have not made one in awhile so I think it is time. Thank you for reminding me about my Quiche If you think you need a moment of Quiet Time hop on over to see me for a visit.


  2. We LOVE our Mission Tortillas, and now I'm wondering why I've never made quesadillas! (Usually I serve them up with pork stew.) Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day ... no matter WHAT time of day!

  3. Yummy!! We are going to start making more breakfasts on the weekend instead of going out to eat, so I am going to add quesadilla to our list to make especially since they are super easy to make.

    Quiche comes to mind for a food that starts with Q. I haven't made one in a few years though.


  4. Betty said it first... quiche. I like your recipe for your quick quesadilla! I would add salsa to mine and perhaps a little sour cream (not WW friendly). Yummy!

  5. I love making quesadillas at home although never thought to use butter. I always use avocado oil spray. I bet they are good with butter. I've made breakfast ones too. They're so versatile. Weekends In Maine