Saturday, April 10, 2021

I is for Iceberg Lettuce

I wanted to share our homemade ice cream recipe with y'all and I may still do that but for now, I'm going to share another simple recipe.

Mark and I love salads of all kinds. I love to use good lettuce, kale, and spinach leaves. Growing up in a small town, I had no idea that there were lettuces available other than the faithful Iceberg. I know there is very little nutritional value in Iceberg but if prepared the right way, it can taste fresh and delicious.

I love to go to a restaurant and open the menu and find a wedge salad! I think the first one I ever ordered was at Brio. Our Brio closed during Covid and I don't think it is coming back.

I borrowed this picture from the internet. Doesn't
that salad look yummy??

Several times I've created my own wedge salad using the ingredients on hand.  

Wedge Salad (serves 4-6 depending on size of head of lettuce)

1 head of Iceberg Lettuce (I rinse the outside but leave the stem on - I chop off any brown on stem)
Cut iceberg lettuce into 4-6 wedges - each wedge needs a piece of the stem to hold it together.

chopped tomatoes
bacon crumbles - I've even used Al Fresco Chicken Bacon
original recipe calls for Blue Cheese but we also love Feta cheese instead
original recipe also calls for Blue Cheese dressing but our family loves to use Feta and instead of Blue Cheese dressing, we like Thousand Island. Mark's momma served wedges with Thousand Island and so we often do, too.

Making a wedge salad is truly simple - cut into wedges and sprinkle toppings. I love to make a big platter of wedges and let people serve a wedge to themselves.

I need to get Iceberg Lettuce this week - I foresee Wedge Salad on our menu next week!


  1. Tom normally orders that when we go out. (Me, not so much. I'm all about the Caesar.) Both Bleu Cheese and Feta are staples in our refrigerator!

  2. I have yet to try a wedge salad because of the blue cheese but with feta I'm in!! Sounds delicious with yesterday's hamburger steak. Yummy! Time for supper :)

  3. I love salads too Lisa, and since it's becoming hotter here in India, salads are the perfect go to meal. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I'll definitely try.

  4. Great idea, I don't eat enough veggies so great reminder :)

    1. Yes, we all need a reminder every once in a while to eat those things that are healthy :-)