Sunday, January 28, 2024

Sunday! Sunday!

 I am joining up with the other thieves -- Bev stole these from the League of Extraordinary Penpals!

1. What are your plans for February? We don't have any major plans. Mark is to have eye surgery this week to see if they can restore his vision from that retinal tear. The repair of the tear is actually holding but there is a lot of stuff floating in his eye that is making him almost blind in that one eye. I will continue on with my American Lit class. We have plans to eat out one night with friends and we have plans to go to our neighborhood supper club.

2. Did you ever have or go to sleepovers as a kid? I remember having a few friends spend the night over the years and I remember going to a few friend's houses. I spent a lot of time with my friend, Karen, and her family. Our daughter had far more sleepovers than I ever had.

3. Which books would you pick for a book binge? I would want it to be a series with some suspense and some humor. Jana Deleon has a great series about a couple of retired female soldiers and a CIA agent who was originally hiding out in their town. I'm up to date (I think) on the series but I could sit down and read all of those back to back.

4. What features do you love most about your home? I love that our home is just the right size to welcome others for dinner and fellowship. I love our kitchen. We have a really cool bar area. I love that we have an actual dining room yet it is open "somewhat" to the kitchen and family room. 

dining room open to entry hall and family room

dining room on other end opens to
bar and kitchen

kitchen island with extra seating

5. How often do you try something new? I'm sure I don't try new things often enough.

6. What type of sushi is your favorite? My favorite sushi is the kind that someone else eats. I don't eat sushi but the rest of my family does.

7. Do you prefer to relax or go on adventures during vacation? I like a mix! It is nice to have a week at the beach to relax but I love traveling to other parts of the world which is more of an adventure!

8. Which colors look best on you? I love green, bright blue, fuschia/pinks.

9. Do you like brunch? It is ok but not my favorite though I did see a sign for brunch yesterday and told Mark that we should go eat there one Saturday. Mark loves breakfast and I'm sure I could get something non-breakfasty at brunch.

10. Do you get stage fright? I teach a large adult class on Sundays and I lead a group of Young Adults. I've been one of the speakers on our women's retreat and I've given talks on Emmaus Walks -- I do get nervous . . .I sweat! I am normally not paralized by stage fright.

I was getting ready to give the offertory prayer
in worship . . . so in front of several hundred people

Speaking at our
Women's Retreat

11. Which podcasts do you like at the moment? I'm not listening to any at the moment.

12. One thing that immediately makes your day better: A smile from someone else and a kind word can make my day better!

13. Which family members are you closest to? I'm going to say that I'm closest to Mark. I'm also very close to my middle sister, Becky. I have a friend that is like a sister and we are very close. I'm fairly close to our daughter but she does live in another town, as does my sister.

14. Something you practice often: Grace. I try to err on the side of grace and it takes practice because my normal response might not always be grace.

15. Are you a light sleeper or a deep sleeper? It depends! If I need to sleep lightly in order to check on someone, I can do it. I prefer to be a deep sleeper though!!


  1. It looks like you have a lovely house.




  2. What a lovely house! Ours is teeny tiny but that's OK. It's easy to clean and cheap on taxes. I'm good with that.
    Prayers for your husband to be find relief and be healed soon. It's awful to lose one's eyesight. I had both lens replacement surgeries on my eyes. It was difficult to get around for awhile but nothing like what your Hubby is going through. Keep everyone posted when convenient?! Our thoughts go with y'all.
    Well done on the speeches! I don't get stage fright either but I'm not a good teacher. Steve (husband) is good at it. He's the Sunday School teacher.
    Fun post. Have a glorious Sunday! Jesus is coming back soon!

  3. I love the pics of your dining room, bar area and kitchen island! Have a great Sunday!

  4. Your house looks great. I don't eat sushi, either.

  5. I'm going to check out than Jana DeLeon series. It sounds a bit like a Tess Gerritsen novel I recently loved, "The Spy Coast."

    1. I read The Spy Coast last week and it was cute. I laugh out loud when reading the Jana Deleon series. The characters are awesome!

  6. Your eye surgery would seem unnerving if it were something in my future. Good luck with that!

  7. Prayers for your hubby's eye surgery. Do please keep us posted. Your home is beautiful and perfect for entertaining. I enjoyed your answers! Have a blessed week ahead!

  8. We don't have many major February plans either: one night at a local tap house, Ash is going down South for a beer contest the club entered. I just have to make it through that month and one week and Session will be over.

  9. Good morning, Lisa. What fun to see you in front of a crowd. I've got the worst shaking problem in front of a crowd. Oye. Love your dining space! It's been quite a while since I've read any fiction. The books you are reading sound like fun. Have a great Monday!

  10. Hi Lisa, I enjoyed reading your post. I love your dining area. We had that in are previous home. Then we moved to a much smaller home and we only have a kitchen that includes the kitchen table. It has worked well for my small family. Good that you are a speaker. I teach a small Bible journaling group now. At one time I led our Women's Ministry and have spoken to a large group a few times. Different seasons of life. I hope all works out with your hubby's eye!