Sunday, January 14, 2024

Sunday Stealing

 It is that time of the week – Time for Sunday Stealing. Thanks to Bev for stealing our writing prompts!

1. Your favorite part of the day - I love sunrises and I love sunsets. They both take my breath away quite often! When our kids were in elementary school, I would ask our son "what was your favorite part of today?" He would always answer either recess or lunch! hahaha! He was an excellent student but the academics were never his favorite.

2. Something you know a lot about. We used a similar question for our small group ice breaker this week. It was "If you gave a five minute presentation on something you know a lot about, what would it be?" I answered that I would talk about making cheese straws.

3. An important person in your life. My husband is one of the most important people in my life! Our 40th anniversary is coming up this year. We've had some great years and we've had some tough years and I often marvel that we've made it. He is very important to me.

4. Your favorite recipe: The one that the chef in a nice restaurant uses and then serves me! hahaha! Actually, I do love to cook. See last sentence to #2 above. I love making cheese straws and I make a great brown sugar brownie. Both of those recipes were originally my mother-in-law's. The cheese straws were made by her mother!

5. An event that turned out differently than planned: I am sure that I have a good example for this but I can't think of it at the moment.

6. How you procrastinate: I eat! Seriously. I am an emotional eater and I can eat to procrastinate. I also scroll facebook or read a book to procrastinate. Sometimes I blog to procrastinate. I'm doing that right now. I need to be upstairs studying American Lit.

7. The best type of surprise: The best type of surprise is one that puts a smile on my face! . . . .Or maybe, the best type of surprise is when I put a smile on someone else's face!!

8. Music that helps you relax: A lullaby! zzzzzz!

9. A thing your life has in excess: We probably still have too much stuff - even after all the cleaning out we've done since the fire. We have too much crap in our attic.

10. A book you want to read: Whatever is next on my kindle is usually my book of choice!

11. A person you’re always happy to see: I'm usually always happy to see our granddaughters and our kids and spouses.

12. What  time do you go to sleep? We usually go to bed by 9:30 because I get up at 5:00. Last week when Mark was out of town, I stayed up one night until 11:15 because I was binge watching Lessons in Chemistry.

13. A word to describe the past year: Busy

14. Your favorite household chore: Writing the check to our maid! Seriously. I really don't like household chores. I do them because I have to do them . . .but I don't enjoy many. I do like to iron. I like the finished product!

15. One thing you’d like to see: I would like to see peace on earth but I doubt that will happen in my lifetime. I would also like to see the world - all of it!


  1. Cheese straws. I don't think I've ever had one. Even though I'm allergic (lactose intolerant) I do like dairy products. I'll have to "google" it to see what that is. Anyway, I take a pill before eating any.
    Such a fun post. I enjoyed your answers.

    1. Cheese straws are basically flour, butter, cheese, with a pinch of red pepper. You can read about them in this post - make sure you look at the ones at the end of the post when I finally got it right!

  2. I know about stress eating! My wife and I will celebrate 25 years married in May,

    1. 25 years is great!! What do you eat when you stress eat?

  3. Congrats on 39 years and counting. You're just a year behind me.

  4. I'd love to taste one of your cheese straws sometime! I had my very first one not two years ago -- and didn't realize what it was! I love your response to #7.

    1. When life slows down a tad, we need to meet for lunch somewhere between Birmingham and your town! I'll bring some cheesestraws for you and Tom!

  5. I answered that last one with peace on earth. I agree that it won't happen in my lifetime. This was a fun bunch of prompts!! I enjoyed your answers. Have a great week ahead!

  6. Sunrises and sunsets. I love them too. Even in winter - and I usually see a lot of sunrises at this time of year.
    I procrastinate to avoid blogging - well I used to.