Monday, January 15, 2024

I-65 South

For those of you who don't live in Alabama (most of you!), you might or might not be familiar with I-65 South (and North). It is a road we travel often. We drive on I-65 South to both our son's home and to our daughter's home. We drive on I-65 South if we want to go to the beach. I drive on I-65 North to work and then reverse in the afternoons. I would love to see a traffic study for this interstate.

What we have noticed is that thousands of people drive straight through our state on the way to various beaches. As a matter of fact, traffic on this interstate is so bad that in the summer, we hate to go see our daughter. An hour and 15 minute normal drive can take 3 hours or more due to bumper to bumper traffic. And almost every weekend, there is at least one wreck - often with fatalities.

We've been noticing that so many of the tags are from out of state. How many of you have driven through Alabama on Interstate 65?? Were you on your way to the beach? What state do you live in?

My husband had the brilliant idea that we should have a toll both when you cross the state line (top and bottom) and you have to pay if you don't live here. Too bad Interstates are not "state" level. (they aren't, are they?)

Anyway, the weekend after Christmas we had to make a run to our daughter's house. They graciously picked up a chainsaw for Mark in a town closer to them than us and we had a rocking chair for the new baby's room (she is coming in April). We decided to make a list of tags, other than Alabama, that we saw in the one hour and 15 minute (100 miles or so) drive IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER.

  1. Indiana
  2. Ohio
  3. Kentucky
  4. Arkansas
  5. Illinois
  6. Texas
  7. Michigan
  8. North Carolina
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Iowa
  11. Georgia
  12. Wisconsin
  13. New Jersey
  14. Tennesee
  15. Mississippi
  16. South Carolina
  17. Florida

and the winner -- ONTARIO . . .as in Canada!

We saw all of those tags in an hour!!

Do you have crazy interstates where you live that are traveled by folks from all over? What are your driving pet peaves?


  1. Interstates! Ugh. Don't get me started ... *lol* As a motorcyclist, I'd rather avoid those places whenever possible. With all the distracted or drug addled drivers, big trucks driven by the inexperienced, and so many of the unsaved living on angers knife edge, they make me nervous. When Eisenhower was President his goal was to make the whole country more accessible for military transport with the Interstates. Well, that sure has backfired. They're clogged messes now. So, my husband and I stick to the backroads almost exclusively. I'd rather it take another hour to get somewhere 'cause that means that at least we'll get there in one piece without jangled nerves.
    My driving pet peeve (other than distracted drivers or those that play silly games) are the ones that poke along in the left lanes. That's so dangerous. I don't think defensive driving is taught in Schools anymore?
    I can't recall ever having or needing to drive from Montgomery to Mobile. I do have lots of kin in and around Covington County, etc. that I've never met (birth-family). We did visit near Birmingham once many years ago to the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Museum. I wanna go back there. *sigh* That place is pure heaven for a motorcycle enthusiast like me. *giggle* And I thought the area was pretty too. We also were able to meet fellow blogger Simply Linda and her lovely family at that time. That was such fun.
    Hope your day is blessed. xx

  2. We live in Florida and presently have many snowbirds...I travel HWY 301/ 441 every day for work--it used to be a 2 lane highway now its 6. We lived in Tuscaloosa and would travel down to Gulf Shores. ANYWAYS, we have seen cars as far as Canada/Nova Scotia.

  3. I'd almost rather have a root canal than travel I65 north to UAB! Then I remember my friend's son whose baby boy is going on 2 months at Children's -- and he has to commute every weekday to his job down here.

  4. When we stopped in Hoover two summers ago, we definitely took 65! But we were heading to Ohio so it made sense. Our next stop after Birmingham was Knoxville.