Monday, October 24, 2022

Weekend in Review

I can't believe that we've been blessed with gorgeous weather again this weekend! We had some cold nights this last week - 32 degrees F and one day the high stayed only in the 50's. Those temps are more like January than October in Alabama. This morning, it was 49 when we headed out around 6:30 and the high will be 76. Tonight's low is around the same and the high tomorrow is 77 -- WITH BLUE SKIES and sunshine! Perfect fall weather -- 4 weekends in a row!

This is the tree in our courtyard. One
of the bonuses of living here in the apartment
is that a man shows up every Monday
morning with a blower and blows
the leaves right out of the courtyard.
The apartment is part of a commercial
property (over a hair salon) so I guess
that is why it is included!

Friday morning we met with the contractor -- let the heavens open and let's all sing Hallelujah! We may have a tiny bit of forward progress! We spent 3 hours with him as he showed us all of the damage that will be repaired and it is SIGNIFICANT. The majority of our house will be re-sheetrocked (is that a word?), repainted (all but one room which we will pay to have repainted), new floors throughout, cabinets repainted, major beams replaced in the attic and upstairs ceilings, new roof, some new roof trusses, everything that is not removed upstairs will be painted with a shellac based primer which seals in any residual smoke smell, new air conditioning stuff, some of the outside siding will be replaced along with 95% of the outside will be repainted, a new brick chimney (that is where the lightning struck), new fireplace which includes the guts inside the chimney plus new gas logs, new kitchen island (we found damage yesterday so hopefully insurance will approve), new tile in both upstairs bathrooms - both walls and floors, new outside ceiling fans on screened porch (you can see water sitting in one of them), along with some pressure washing. It is significant and I give thanks over and over that Harvey and I got out safely and that we were able to save so many of our things. While we are stripped down, we are getting the contractor to price a couple of things we've been wanting to do. We are hoping to improve our primary bath and since we have to get a new fireplace, we are upgrading that plus a couple of other things.

We hung around the apartment on Friday afternoon (which Mark hates doing) but we watched one episode of The Americans.

On Friday night, we went to a friend's house for dinner and celebrated a birthday. Normally there would be 10 of us but 4 of our regulars were unavailable. We had a great dinner together.

We celebrated a birthday and YES . . .that is Mark kissing our friend's head. I'm married to such a nut!

On Saturday, I went to WW and had groceries delivered. Mark helped our brother-in-law get some sheetrock and then we headed out to run errands. We need to pick out floors for our house. We didn't pick out any yet but we like the smoothness of the hickory with a darker finish. Do you have hardwood or engineered hardwood or LVP? What color?

We went to Bass Pro Shop.

We made Alaskan Sea Bass (Mark caught it on his fishing trip to Alaska in August) tacos and Tumeric Slaw for dinner. The Tumeric Slaw recipe is from our chef at church.

Sunday morning found me working at the Welcome Center at church and then Mark and I facilitated our Sunday School class. We went to his mom's house and had lunch with family. I did meal prep and we cleaned the apartment and finished our weekend by watching an episode of The Americans, an episode of Unforgettable, and an episode of The Rookie.

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Lovely weather.

    1. Weather has been gorgeous. We have a storm coming in tomorrow afternoon.

  2. We love our floors which are engineered wood. They are somewhat dark but have quite a bit of variation in them which I recommend if you go dark. My daughter has a dark floor and every single solitary speck of anything shows immediately. Requires constant vacuuming/swiffering/dusting. So glad you're moving forward!

    1. We had engineered wood downstairs before the fire and we had a problem with scratches. We've been researching and found that there are "depths" of wood on top. We are hopefully going with one of those products. Mark was always walking around with a floor marker covering up marks!

  3. Your weekend sounds sweet! Glad progress is being made on your home! My hardwood floors were here when we bought the house. I prefer lighter colors because they don't show pet hair like the darker colors. Keep us posted on the progress so we can cheer with you!! xo

    1. I do feel like y'all are cheering us on and I so appreciate it!!!