Friday, March 18, 2022

Granddaughter #1's SIXTH Birthday

I can't believe that our sweet girl is 6 years old. I remember when she was born and they placed her in my arms and I was instantly "in love" with this child. She celebrated her birthday this past Saturday at Let's Play. If you've never been to one . . .wow! Just wow! It is an indoor play area with climbing things and trampolines and spinning things.

She is into the movie "Descendants" which I haven't seen BUT she told me all about it last Friday when she stayed with us a few hours while her parents went out for a dinner date. The Descendants are the offspring of some of the Disney characters. I know there are kids of villains. I'm not sure if there are offspring of the good characters, too. Anyone know?

Sweet girl is front and center in the "dress up dress"
of one of the characters. She told me which one
but I can't remember - oops!

Here I am with Granddaughter #2.
She and her parents arrived from
out of town just in time for the

Here we are - Mark and I

She had cupcakes in the colors
from the movie

daughter & son-in-law (parents
of granddaughter #2)

It is a miracle that kids aren't
continually throwing up --
these spinning things are

granddaughter #2 playing

son and daughter-in-law (parents
of the birthday girl)

they were getting ready for the dance
portion of the party - they turn off
the lights and the floor lights up

Grand #1 - this is such a cool
thing. She and I colored a fish and
then with the swish of a finger,
the fish we colored was on the
big wall "acquarium" behind her.

that is our brightly colored fish

grand #2 says "cheese" for every
picture so she always has this
cute squinched up nose and eyes

the party room!

For those who know Mark, this
photo won't surprise you. He is talking
away! Here he is with Donna

It was a fun day and sweet grand #1 felt loved!! We can't believe she is six years old!!


  1. Adorable grands and what a fun birthday party!! I am not "up" on any Disney movies or characters but I know the kids really get into them. Fun! Thanks for sharing the joy with us! xo

  2. Looks like a fun family celebration! Six is such a sweet age.I am all about a birthday party. I enjoy all the planning and the details. Glad you were able to celebrate together!