Monday, November 14, 2022

Weekend in Review

On Thursday afternoon, the Clydesdales were at one of our local grocery stores, The Piggly Wiggly in Bluff Park, commonly called "The Pig." They were there from 2-4 p.m. and I was at work and felt silly asking for time off to go see horses :-). One of my neighbors took this picture and I "borrowed" it from her. Aren't they magestic? The horses were in the Veteran's Day Parade in Birmingham on Friday. My next door neighbor volunteers at Special Equestrians and I think the horses were at their stables the day before. She had posted pictures, too!

Thursday night found us eating at The Bright Star in Bessemer, AL. The Bright Star is one of the places you want to eat if you are ever in the Birmingham area. My meal started with their cole slaw. It is a pile of shredded raw cabbage topped with a creamy delicious dressing. I didn't take a picture of either of our entrees but I had Greek shrimp and brussels sprouts and Mark had broiled Snapper Almondine with brussels (he had a Greek salad instead of slaw). Our food was great!!

The food was great but the company was even better. I've shared before about our "out to eat" supper clubs in our large Sunday School class. We rotate every quarter so you get to know lots of folks. We have had so much fun with this group. We laugh a LOT! Rhonda, the lady on the right in the middle is keeper of the spreadsheet and the mind behind the process of these supper clubs. 

On Friday, we went to visit our furniture in the storage unit. We actually brought our inversion table home because we have both been having back problems. I will admit that regarding everything else, the trip in the rain was a WOT (new for me -- Waste of Time!). Our furniture was stacked to the ceiling and wrapped in clear plastic so I was unable to smell or see much of anything. When you order furniture, it takes anywhere from 3-6 months for it to come in and I don't know exactly what furniture we are going to need to replace. I know that everything from upstairs was pretty destroyed but we had a brand new sofa in our family room and if it smells AT ALL, I want insurance to give us the money to replace it.

I had my regular monthly lunch with three friends on Friday, too, but we never take any pictures. I may have to suggest a new restaurant. We've been eating at Chicken Salad Chick the last few years and the last two times I've eatern there, I've had an upset stomach shortly thereafter. Mark wonders if they put a preservative on something that is sending my allergies onto overload. No one else gets sick so I know it is not bad food, etc.

Mark and I bought $300 worth of groceries on Friday afternoon (actually $292 and some change). Groceries are so expensive now.

We had planned to call Mark's sister and brother-in-law and invite ourselves over for Friday night but decided to stay home and watch a couple of episodes of The Americans and Rookie (one each).

On Friday and Saturday, I studied and studied and studied. 

Late Saturday afternoon, we stopped at a local antique shop just to see what they have. We need a fun corner cabinet (small) to go in our powder room (when we get back in the house) and we want to upgrade our pieces of furniture on either side of the fireplace because we are going with a "fancier" mantle made of limestone.

We left the antique store and drove out to our son and daughter-in-law's house. Mark had horrible cabin fever so I needed to get him out of the apartment. We watched some football, talked about all sorts of things, had a beverage, petted the dogs, and watched our son and daughter-in-law and granddaughter #1 hunted for a lost chicken. It was going to be cold (below freezing) and the chickens had escaped from the pen. They had found all but one. I got a text after we got home and they found the last one!

Yes, that dog has on a tutu and she seems to love it! Granddaughter #1 had 3 friends visiting and they put on a "fashion" show of dress up clothes. She was a unicorn and a flying reindeer. Oh my goodness, I had forgotten how girls can squeal and yell :-)!!

Sunday morning found me at work at the Welcome Desk. I watched the service Livestream while I worked. We had Mark Miller as a guest this morning and his music is amazing. He lectures at Yale's Institute of Sacred Music and he is the director of the gospel choir and the youth choir at Marble Collegiate Church in New York. Even watching livestream the music was amazing!! (I just learned how to do a screen shot on my new HP laptop - yay me - and how easy!!)

Instead of going to my mother-in-law's for lunch, I headed home to take Exam 3 of this semester. I like to be an A student and I studied hard . . .and I think I made a B. I hope it is a B and not a C! I went into this exam with more points than required but in order to have a good solid A, I think I will have to do a couple of the "Extra Credit" options -- watch a video lecture and write about 500 words on it. If I do a couple of those, hopefully I will end up with an A. The final is December 11.

Sunday night we went to our neighborhood supper club at Helen and Sam's house. We took a green salad and she made Chicken Marengo. I only took ONE picture and it is of the salad I made as our contribution. We had a great time.

Did you do anything fun this weekend? productive?


  1. You certainly did a lot! And yes, groceries are expensive; I still like the act of grocery shopping but it's depressing. Mark sounds like my husband: he gets itchy if we sit around too long, even though he's better than me about actually sitting. I'll have to get up and do some kind of housework. I can't stand feeling like I'm slacking off!

  2. The Clydesdale horses are absolutely magnificent! Your supper club looks like a fun group! I love my small group from church and also my neighborhood dinner group. Blessings, indeed! Good luck with the furniture hunt and I hope your new sofa, in storage, doesn't smell like smoke when you get the plastic off. Gosh, such a worry. Do keep us posted!! xo