Monday, February 28, 2022

Weekend Recap

I told Mark this weekend that I want to add "Mardi Gras Parades" to my travel list. It won't happen next year but maybe soon! In the meantime, we have a tiny Mardi Gras parade in our neighborhood and it was Saturday morning. I couldn't get my act together and get our golf cart decorated so I just stood on the side of the street and picked up beads!

I love these decorations!

Saturday evening, we got dressed up and headed to a wedding.

The wedding was at our church for one of the young women who grew up just a few years behind our kids. Her parents and I, along with others, chaperoned a lot of choir tours together. It was a lovely wedding with a sweet sermonette. The reception was at a new venue called The Farrell and it was lovely!

Aren't the flowers gorgeous?
Two ladies from our church - not
professionals - made the altar

I borrowed this picture and the one
below from Hilary's social media.

This was inside The Farrell. We ended up
sitting outside under a patio heater. The high
temps over the last few days have been
in the 40's so I expected to freeze
outside but it was actually ok near
the heater.

I think I'm enjoying social events more these days after two years of very few social events. Anyone else feel that way?

This morning we went to early church and Sunday school and then we headed to Mark's mom's house. I was in charge of lunch - homemade lasagna and salad and bread.

I started to type that this afternoon had been lazy but in reality, I meal prepped my lunches for the week, studied sociology for an hour, walked on the treadmill, wrapped the door prizes for Tuesday night . . .not too lazy after all!


  1. That parade looks like so much fun...whether standing and watching or participating. I wish they did something like that around here.

  2. That parade looks so cute. You two look awesome! Looks like the wedding was beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful time.

  3. It sure does feel good to be out and about and socializing again. Praise God!! No parades here but I will be getting ashes on Wednesday at the start of Lent. Hard to believe how fast 2022 is going already. Whooooshhhhh!

    1. I'll attend our Ash Wednesday service tonight and get my ashes. I can't believe it is already March.

  4. That cake! We are definitely enjoying more time with real people and have a lot on our calendar. Your neighborhood parade looks like fun!

    1. I didn't eat any cake but I heard it was wonderful!