Thursday, February 17, 2022

I've Been Saying It Wrong!

Each Tuesday night we have an ice breaker question with our young professionals. This week, I asked them to tell us their name . . .and their favorite chocolate. Mark's answer was "any." That works! Katherine said her favorite was a Kit Kat bar which I thought was cute since her name is Catherine and Kat is sometimes short for Catherine. Eleanor said her favorite candy bar was Skor. I don't think I've ever had one. I actually had to google it to find out.

photo borrowed from the internet

I don't eat sweets any more but when I did, my favorite was Reese's cups -- especially the trees and pumpkins because the ratio of peanut butter to chocolate was just right. Here is a picture of a gift I received one time. They knew me well.

Just FYI, I did NOT give up diet pepsis!

So what is this all about? I've always called these wonderful nuggets of chocolate and peanut butter goodness . . . Reese Cups. 

One of our Tuesday night young professionals has the type of personality where everything is black or white. He is very literal and is very vocal. When I said that my favorite chocolate is a Reese Cup, he turned and said, "It's Reese's." He pronounced it more like Reesie's. Anyway, I'll be honest. It ticked me off. I was still thinking about it on Wednesday morning so . . . .I went to my trusty friend, google. Imagine my horror when I realized that he was right - it is Reese's Cups.

I was telling my friend at work about this and SHE KNEW I WAS SAYING IT INCORRECTLY. I said, "why didn't you tell me?." She responded that I always said it with such authority and it was my favorite PLUS she said that I'm a person that is not easily corrected . . .which is so very true.

Anyway, I told Mark about this at dinner last night and he laughed and laughed because I'm not a person who is easily corrected and he knows that fact about me really well. I'm a #1 on the Enneagram . . .I like to tell other people how to correct things and make them right.

So dadgum -- I'm 63 years old -- I've been saying it wrong the whole time . . .and I'm not easily corrected. Yay me :-(

Anyway, what is your favorite chocolate?


  1. Ouch! Methinks your young friend never got the memo, it's not polite to correct someone in front of an audience. That, and it makes me wonder about his tone -- however unintentional.
    I'm sure there are words I've misunderstood, mispronounced but I can't think of any right now. My favorite chocolate bar is probably white bark.

    1. have you ever taken ritz crackers and put peanut butter between two . . .and then melted white bark . . .and dipped the filled crackers into the white bark and then let them dry? YUM!

  2. Wow, I've been saying it wrong all these years too. Let's start a club lol!