Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Whirlwind Weekend

We had one of those weekends that was full and went by in a flash. I actually worked in the office on Friday and then had lunch with two of my best friends. It was so cold and gray on Friday, but we sat around the kitchen table and enjoyed being with each other.

I studied in the afternoon and then this cutie arrived.

This is her "say cheese" face. Our daughter and granddaughter came to visit for the weekend. We had our Lil Lambs Consignment Sale at the church last week and I bought a big baggie of My Little Ponies for her. Needless to say, she liked them.

She slept in the new little bed we bought from Pottery Barn. It is a big chair that folds out into a twin bed. I ordered foam bumpers from Amazon and they worked really well.

I had found another tub of Barbies of the attic so we enjoyed looking through all of the stuff.

It was another COLD day but this girl loves to be outside. Her momma layered her clothes and they went to the playground. While they played outside, I worked on making the lasagna for our Tuesday night group.

She also enjoyed playing inside.

Laura's good friend came over and brought her little girl for lunch and a playdate.

Pops had been out of town since Thursday and there was one little girl who was very excited to see him when he got home. They went to the pond and fed the fish and they went for a walk.

On Sunday, Mark and I headed to church and Laura and sweet girl went to spend time with Grandmother.

We all gathered at her house after church and Granddaughter #1 was so sweet with #2. 

After lunch, I studied a little more and then I went to a Tea for one of our sweet girls who grew up in our church and who came to our Tuesday night group.

We came home and I took my first exam online. I made a B. I really wanted an A. To be honest, I wanted to ace the test but I have to remind myself that I'm in this to learn. I don't have to have a perfect gradepoint to get into a grad school or to get a job. I'm doing this to learn. Just FYI - I do still have an A in the class.

After the test, I finally got in some exercise on the bike and then I crashed!

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  1. Your Grand #2 is too cute -- Cheeeeese! (LOLOLOL)
    Congrats on that "A" in your class!