Thursday, May 20, 2021

Show Us Your Guest Room(s)


We have the main bedroom downstairs and then we have 3 bedrooms upstairs. Since just the two of us live here, I guess that means all three are guest rooms.

I call the room above "the girl's room." On the left, you can see the corner of the pack and play where granddaughter #2 sleeps when she and her mommy and daddy come to visit. The blue "chair" is actually a twin sleeper sofa and someday we hope granddaughter #1 will sleep there. she sleeps. At this stage in her life, when she comes to visit she sleeps on a baby bed mattress on the floor beside our bed. The funky blue velvet chair to the right of the bookcase came from our old office. I have loved those chairs for years and when we built the new office suite, I snagged them! The white glass front cabinet is from Target! All of the crosses on the wall have been gifted to me over the years.

The room above is our true "guest room" where our guests sleep. This bedroom shares a Jack and Jill bathroom with the "girl's room" above. We ordered this bed years ago and I think it is such a beautiful bed. Both of these bedrooms have big walk in closets which we use for storage. Comforter and pillow shams are from Pottery Barn.

The picture over the bed is very special. It is a colored pencil drawing of boys fishing. One of our mission churches in town provided art supplies for folks to stop in and paint or draw and then they sold them through the church. I bought this picture and had it framed and gave it to Mark for some occasion or another. I love that picture and it reminds me to never take things for granted.

The third bedroom could be used for guests but we call it "Harvey's room." Yes - Harvey is our 15 pound cat. This bedroom has an en suite bathroom and we have Harvey's litter box in that bathroom. Several years ago my sister stayed with us for about a month and she had to stay in Harvey's room at the end of her visit because we used ALL the spaces. She loves Harvey so I don't think she minded too much! The problem is that he tracks cat litter onto the floor so if you don't have on shoes . . .not too pleasant.

We have an antique chest of drawers in this room. There is also an antique chair in one corner of the room (not pictured). Mark's sister painted the deer hanging above the chest of drawers. We have plantation shutters throughout the house and love them. I can't remember if I wrote this in another post but we don't have curtains due to my allergies -- the less fabric to collect dust, the better.

I would like to put either hardwood upstairs or Luxury Vinyl that looks like hardwood. Looking at the pictures makes me realize that I need to do some accessorizing in these rooms and the lamps are way too small! The walls upstairs are all the same neutral that we used downstairs - Khaki Shade SW7533. 

I'm not adding a linky this week but I would love to hear about your guest rooms! Do you have a guest room or rooms? Do you have guests very often? What would you change?


  1. I love that mission church's initiative! My favorite pieces of art each have specific memories attached; maybe that's why I so enjoy them.

    So sweet about Harvey having his own ensuite. I do believe we spoil our dogs more so than we did our own childred.

    1. yes - our cat is truly spoiled - ridiculously so!!

  2. I like that drawing! Very nice bedrooms you have and how accommodating you are for the cat :)

    We don't have a guest room lol. But then we haven't ever truly had a guest room even when we had mainly family come to visit (my mom; my in laws either had a motorhome or would stay at a hotel). We do have a 3 bedroom house but hubby has his office/music room in one of them and the treadmill is in the other (along with grandson's toys). I suppose if company ever came we could get one of those blow up beds :)


    1. The room for "the girls" also has an inversion table in the corner so it gets used for other things, too! We have room in our garage for the treadmill and we have a TV in there to pass the time!

  3. Your guest rooms look like pretty rooms in a charming bed and breakfast. Very pretty.