Monday, February 20, 2017

Weird conversations, fun conversations, meal prep . . .RANDOM post!

On Sunday morning, when we were driving to church, we actually had a discussion about the texture and smell of otter poop.  Yes, we did!  I actually made a note in my phone so that I would remember to blog about that one comment!  This comment was made along with several others regarding Mark's nemesis -- the otter!  They keep infiltrating the lake at the farm and they eat ALL THE FISH!!  Did you know that an otter's poop is nothing but fish scales?  They evidently eat the whole fish including scales and bones and their body processes everything E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  but the fish scales!  Mark did not take the picture below but it is so hard to believe that something this cute could cause such total havoc in a small lake . . .but the wily otter can do much damage.

Laura was home for the weekend so we had lots of fun conversations . . .conversations about things other than otters and their bathroom habits!  She teaches 2nd grade and her children say the funniest things!  One little boy put carrots between his fingers so that he could be Wolverine (pretty darn creative if you ask me!).  Laura said she never thought she would be saying, "take the carrots out . . .you are NOT Wolverine!"

Yesterday afternoon, I did some food prep for Tuesday night and prepared my lunches for the week.  I always try to have a salad on Tuesday nights for the young adults just in case they don't like anything else I've prepared.  I decided that I was tired of the same old bagged salads so I bought heads of Iceberg lettuce and I'm going to make wedge salads.  It is a good thing that I have a huge sink.  Count them -- 8 heads of lettuce!  A couple of the heads were small so I felt like I needed extra heads to get 20 wedges.  Just fyi - this sink was washed with antibacterial soap with a touch of Clorox and rinsed well before food prep!!! I  am so weird about eating things prepared in other people's kitchens (people that I don't know well) so I'm all about telling how many times I wash my hands when preparing for others, etc.  I try to keep a clean kitchen!  I try!

It was hard finding a place to drain 8 heads of lettuce!

Total change of subject.  I'm sitting at the island in my kitchen at 6:14 a.m. and I can see the sunrise - one of my favorite things each day!!  I literally just ran onto the front porch (still in nighttime clothes) and took this picture!  Today's sunrise is spectacular!!

Back to Sunday.  I did meal prep yesterday for my lunches and cooked enough for us to snack on at dinner last night.  I roasted fresh Brussel sprouts with olive oil and fresh garlic, salt and pepper.  I cooked fresh squash and onions.  Mark grilled some beef patties and a couple of chicken breasts.  Another week of TRYING to make healthier choices.  It takes so much time to do food prep on Sunday afternoons when I'm also trying to prep for Tuesday nights.  But it is so easy to grab a lunch from the fridge!! 

I also made some really cute lingerie shower invitations last night but I need to ask if I can show them!!

So we are up to Monday morning after a play by play of Sunday.  I'm so thankful that I love my job!  Are you ready for Monday?

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