Thursday, February 9, 2017

Baskets of Burdens

This morning (and yesterday), I could tell that one of my co-workers was struggling.  I ask the person if they were ok and my friend shared a few burdens with me.  My friend is tired and weary.

Another friend lost her mother this week . . .just 10 months after losing her father.  She has been caregiver and she is tired.  She has been carrying a heavy burden.

We are surrounded by death and dying; we are surrounded by new diagnosis; we are surrounded by infidelity and divorce; we are surrounded by hurting people - all the time.  Look around.  Yes, I know there is much joy and there is laughter and goodness.  I know there is sunshine and blue sky.  Positivity is my number one strength so I am always looking for the good BUT  I also know there is much hurt all around me.

My friend, Julie, posted the above picture and scripture on facebook this morning.  I borrowed it (thanks, Julie!).  I told my friend about Julie's picture and scripture this morning as we were talking  sharing about the burdens.  I said, "wouldn't it be cool if I could actually bring a basket into your office and you could put some of the burdens in the basket and I could take them back to my office for a while . . .so you could rest?"

As Christians, we are indeed called to carry each other's burdens.  It is hard.  They are heavy.  We are called.  Whose load will you lighten today?

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