Friday, February 24, 2017

Multiply and Divide

 A few days ago I wrote about the Fruit of the Spirit and I shared with you about a classmate from Sunday School who dropped by my office with two cans of Chef Boyardee Ravioli to replenish my emergency stash.  I showed you the picture below and commented how kindness came back twofold.

Kindness multiplies - you know?  It really does.  This week, another friend stopped by my office with two more cans of Ravioli.  My stash multiplied.

On the very same day that the stash multiplied, our friend showed up in the church office and was hungry.  He entered the office suite and immediately asked for hand sanitizer (I chuckle as I type those words - he knew we would share).  He then asked if he could have a chair and sit down with us.  He sat down to join us and wanted to eat.  One co-worker gave him a banana.  Another co-worker shared some girl scout cookies.  My stash was available once again because it had been replenished by others who love Jesus (such a wonderful simple act!!) . . . .so I offered ravioli.  I didn't offer JUST ravioli . . .I offered a choice.  God gives us life -- abundant life!  A choice between Mini Beef Ravioli or Cheese Ravioli!  I know that sounds silly but all I could think about was abundant life.  Not one can . . .but four cans . . .now down to three cans.  Our friend chose Cheese Ravioli and I found some tortilla chips in the staff breakroom.  I heated the ravioli in a coffee mug and another co-worker told our friend that he needed to eat the ravioli and chips before eating the cookies (he had already consumed a few cookies).  

Matthew 10:42 And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones . . .Ravioli isn't a cup of cold water but it is a cup of love.  There is enough y'all - there is enough to go around.  We don't have to be stingy. . . with our food, with our love, with God's grace.  There is enough for everybody.  Y'all - it multiplies and divides and keeps on going strong.

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