Thursday, February 16, 2017

For THIS child we have prayed!

We had a baby shower at work yesterday honoring a co-worker.  This is just not ANY baby . . .this is a baby who has been prayed for and prayed for and prayed for by many people.  It is not my story to tell - maybe I'll interview Laura one day for my blog about her journey to conceive a child.  The long awaited child is on her way soon (not too soon!) and will be here by Easter.  We have a history of showering staff members when they (or their spouse) is pregnant - sometimes it is a simple shower and sometimes more elaborate.  I think I bought every pink or sparkly decoration I could find and made a few, too!!

We used our Element Café space (our youth department was so gracious to allow us to take over!).  We ordered pizza and breadsticks.  We served a giant Greek salad.  We, of course, had cake/cupcakes for dessert.  We have eaten more at work this week than you can possibly imagine.

Our youth space is perfect for a party - Rachel (much younger than I!!) volunteered to climb up on the ladder and hang the puff balls from the cool light fixture.

Rachel also crawled up on the counter to hang Farah's banner.  It helps that Rachel and Laura are sisters . . .I didn't feel so guilty!!

We also had Farah spelled out in gold, glittery letters!  They will look so cute in her nursery.

Tried to get a picture to show all the decorations . . .

Brian, our senior minister, prayed for not only the food but for baby Farah and her parents.  I love the fact that we can pray at work . . .one of my favorite perks of working in a church!!

Laura looks so cute pregnant and she was surrounded by many who love her and look forward to meeting Farah soon (her due date is Easter Sunday!!).

What a fun day to shower Laura and Farah!  I love working in a place where we can stop for a lunch hour and celebrate an important event!!

We can't wait to meet you soon, Farah!  We promise to love you when you arrive!!  For you, sweet baby girl, we have PRAYED!

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  1. It was a beautiful shower and I am also thankful for a workplace that involves prayer as a way to love and support one another. I am overwhelmed by the love I have been shown! Especially from you Lisa!!