Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Decorations, treats, and love - oh my!

I love holidays.  I love a reason to give gifts.  I love a reason to decorate.  I love holidays!

I started our Valentine Weekend on Friday afternoon by driving through Krispy Kreme.  When we are on vacation (at the beach, etc.), Mark always loves to eat chocolate glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  We never have them in the house except on vacation.  I bought two chocolate covered and a regular glazed (which was actually supposed to be a heart shaped doughnut but the girl got the order wrong).  I brought these three home (of course, I ate a doughnut in the process - my favorite is cream filled--the white cream - not custard--glazed--no chocolate!) and placed them on a cute cupcake stand!  I hid them under a plastic bucket until the "reveal" -- I had planned for Mark to wake up on Saturday morning and leisurely drink his coffee and eat his doughnuts.  Let me just tell you that first he was going to eat just one . . .and then he ate the second . . .and then the third . . .on Friday night!  I love Mark!

His "gift" was Pappy VanWinkle bourbon balls.  He has been wanting a bottle of Pappy for quite some time and I have no idea whether this will ever occur . . .but I could get bourbon balls MADE with pappy!!

On Saturday night, we went out to dinner with friends.  We tried one restaurant (we arrived at 5:45) and there was a 2 hour wait.  The other couple called a different restaurant and there was no wait and we hurried to that location.  We enjoyed our dinner very much BUT I was in the throes of a major allergy attack (one of the worst I've had in years) and I had to throw in the towel early.  The food was good, the company was awesome, the nose was miserable!

I love to decorate.  Really?  Yes, I do!  I made the Be Mine banner a couple of years ago and when I organized the craft room, I found it - thank you very much!!  Those pink hearts are wooden hearts from the dollar bins (I LOVE the dollar bins) at Target (also from a couple of years ago).

The metal love banner is new and I can't remember where I bought it -- Hobby Lobby, I think!  I love crinkled tin (does it have a real name??).  I simply tied it onto the handles of the chest.

I used my wonderful box made by Brian Erickson (he can preach and do woodwork and heaven knows what else!).  More of those wooden hearts - I mounted these (back to back) on some wooden dowels.  I used the same pine cones from New Year's Eve.  I'm moving to a spring motif next in my box - going to have to do some research!!

I love to give treats . . .and I love making them.  When I have time to craft, it makes my heart happy.  Several weeks ago, I bought every multi-pack of cereal in the grocery store (48 individual boxes).  I made Valentines to attach along with a plastic spoon.  I had so much fun making these.  I was finishing them up on Sunday night and Mark said, "you know that Valentine's Day is Tuesday right . . .and you won't be home on Monday night, right?"  Yes . . .but I'm going to finish was my response!!

Do you have Valentine's traditions?

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