Tuesday, February 28, 2017




  1. lack of seriousness; lightheartedness:
    "a night of fun and frivolity"

Most any night this little Tiger comes to visit with us is a night of fun and frivolity!  I can't remember what we had just said to her but I just happened to have my phone poised and ready to take a picture and caught this expression.  She must be saying, "This is Mardi Gras weekend, really?"

She quickly moved into the rejoicing mode clapping her hands while clasping her new toys!  . . .one in each hand, of course!

This thing rocks?  So cool, Pops!!  Why haven't you told me about this fun chair before?  It was my daddy's?  Even cooler!

On Saturday afternoon, our neighborhood had the first ever Preserve Mardi Gras parade.  It was a gorgeous day and I snapped a couple of photos before going onto our top porch to take pictures.

The neighbors all decorated their golf carts and bikes and someone even decorated their mini van.  I think I'm going to ask Mark if we can decorate his pick up truck next year and I can ride in the back with Emma and throw out beads!!  (don't lecture me on safety . . .it probably won't happen!)

I love that the bicyclers are right behind the pimped out van!

This was one of my favorites - a child in a decorated car!!

Some folks went all out with the decorations.  I've never seen such large beads!!

This guy had on a horse mask!!

This family allowed the dolls of the household to participate!!

The guys in this car have on full masks and the family allowed the big green frog to ride on top!!

It was a fun parade - and I'm sure that next year, it will be even bigger!!  I love some fun and frivolity!!

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