Sunday, April 7, 2024

Sunday Stealing

I'm joining up with this week's thieves for Sunday Stealing. Thank you to Bev for stealing the questions!

1.  Name a TV series show or shows in which you have seen every episode at least twice: We’ve watched and are rewatching Frasier! We’ve also watched all of the episodes of Big Bang Theory twice. I’m actually thinking of starting over with Big Bang Theory. I also need to go back to the beginning of Young Sheldon. I didn’t finish all of those!

2.  Name a show or shows you can't or would not miss: We stream now so rarely watch anything live. We are currently watching Will Trent, Bones, and The Rookie. I think we usually watch these a day or so after they are live. We also love Mariana van Zeller and her exposés! 

3.  Name an actor or actors that would make you more inclined to watch a show: While Mark has been out of town, I have watched Book Club and Book Club 2 and I really enjoy all of those actors. I like Matthew McConaughey and I like Shemar Moore.

4.  Name an actor or actors who would make you less likely to watch a show:  Usually, I don’t judge something I want to watch by the actors. I have a hard time watching things where people make total fools of themselves in situations that could happen in real life. I love a good comedy but usually not at the expense of a person. I know that sounds corny, but it is true.

5. You're having a lovely dinner party for friends and family.  What will you serve for appetizers, main course and dessert? I have a few great stand-by appetizers – There is a cheese and pecan spread covered with jalapeno jelly that is excellent or my bacon/club crackers. I make an excellent lasagna but would not serve that to company because Mark isn’t a big fan. He will eat it when I make it but he would NEVER request it. He doesn't like Italian food. If it was a fancy party, I might serve beef tenderloin with twice baked potatoes and Asian slaw. I would serve German Chocolate cake as my dessert. . .or maybe Carrot Cake . . .or Pecan Pie with ice cream.

6. Snow storm!    You've got house guests and you're all stuck inside for the night. What do you prepare for dinner.  Will you watch a movie? Which? If I had the ingredients on hand, I would probably make a couple of pots of chili or soup and homemade corn bread. I don’t know if we would watch a movie or not.

7. We are going into New York City for the weekend. Where do you want to go? I just want to go to New York City. I’ve never been! One of our nephews is a doctor in New York City! Our kids have been but I never have.

8. You are going to night school.  They offer courses in writing short stories, painting, piano or guitar lessons, simple home repairs, baking, and gardening. Which do you pick (or make up one of your own) and why? I’m back in college taking online classes through a local community college and this semester I’m taking American Literature. It has involved writing so a short story class might be interesting. I think I would also like to take a flower arranging class. I’ve taken a flower arranging class one time before and really enjoyed it.

9.   Ever been to a Drive In Theater? Would you like to see Drive In Theaters make a come back? I remember going to the Drive In Theater when I was growing up and then as a teenager. There is one about 30 minutes away from our house. I haven’t been to that one. It really wouldn't affect me too much if those theaters made a big comeback. We usually offer a couple of movies in the park in our neighborhood during the summer - the HOA provides popcorn.

10.  Should towns provide community entertainment like bands in the park, fireworks on the 4th, community picnics or is the cost just too much? I love community functions. We have a gathering in the summer in our neighborhood. Our town has a fireworks show for the fourth of July. We used to have a jazz festival in the neighborhood and it was awesome! The person who was in charge said it just got to be too much. 

11.  What would you change about your town if you had the power? I wish we could get rid of crime! Our community is fairly safe. I’m not sure what else I would change.

12.   How often do you find yourself shopping for groceries? I place a large grocery order once a week and then Mark or I end up stopping at least one other time during the week for various things.

13. Do you have a favorite night time snack? I love Premium Minis – they are miniature saltine crackers. I also love no sugar fudgsicles.

14,  Do you buy in bulk and what kinds of tips do you have to save money on grocery shopping? We don’t buy a lot of things in bulk. We go to Costco often but rarely buy gigantic packages of things. I think I save money by ordering groceries online through Shipt. If I’m wandering the aisles of the store, I tend to put more things in the cart.

15. Let's have a picnic in the park.  What foods are we packing and will we cook anything there or is it all prepared ahead of time? I think I’ll prepare it before we go! We definitely need chips and watermelon (or another good fruit) and maybe some carrot sticks and dip and some pasta salad. For our main course, we have great BBQ in Alabama so maybe we will order BBQ or smoke a butt on the smoker and have BBQ pork sandwiches. Picnics in Alabama often include BBQ, potato salad, slaw, and baked beans. 


  1. I have never been to a Costco. I read about it a LOT.
    I watched Frasier religiously but I've never rewatched it. - well, except for the scene when Niles irons his pants, which is classic!

    1. Costco is only about 5 minutes from our house so we get lots of things there. They have the best rotisserie chicken and it is only about $5. There are quite a few classic scenes in Frasier!!

  2. The Big Bang Theory is funny - I've seen a few episodes more than once myself.




  3. Happy Sunday! I enjoyed your responses today and wish you a good week ahead!!

  4. I forgot Big Bang Theory. Good grief, we watch it all the time. How could I forget that?