Sunday, April 14, 2024

It's time for Sunday Stealing!

 I'm joining up with Bev and all of the thieves this week for Sunday Stealing:

1.    What have you been the most ignorant about in your life? I’m going to answer this with the thing that first popped into my head. I believe I’ve been ignorant about racism. I’m not ignorant about all racism. I’ve been ignorant about the depth or racism. I’m not even sure how to put words to my thoughts. Working on a church staff for 20 years has allowed me to see things I might never have seen before. Also, going back to school at my age has been eye opening. I was born in 1958 and I was in the sixth grade when our school was integrated. I could be wrong, but I feel like there were many things we weren’t taught that are a part of our history. I feel like my eyes have been opened to injustices. I hope to do better. I will do better.

2.    What in the world would you most like to see protected? Are we talking about humans here? If so, I would love to see my family protected. Are we talking about our planet and natural resources? We better get on the ball and protect many things.

3.    How do you waste the biggest chunk of time each day or week? I imagine it would be scrolling on the internet. Some might consider writing blog posts as a waste of time but I don’t. I really want to say that I waste time sleeping. I often feel like if I didn’t need to sleep, I could get it all done!

4.    Who is the scariest person you've ever known? I’ve known several scary folks over the years! I had a few teachers growing up that were pretty scary haha! I did have a professor many years ago who terrified me. He was mean. There was a family member, who is now deceased, and he was a bad and scary man. I doubt I will ever tell that story on my blog. I had a boss at AT&T who could go totally nuts. He would shout and scream. I would go to the bathroom and pray – seriously! It was interesting though because he and I actually had a good working relationship most of the time.

5.    What was the job you enjoyed the least? This is my list of employment and it isn’t that long – I wrapped Christmas and Mother’s Day gifts in a local dry goods store (that was what it was called back then) during my senior year of high school. I went to work for South Central Bell on the morning after I graduated from high school. At one point, we became American Bell briefly and then we became AT&T. When I had our twins, I stayed home a couple of years and then I worked part time for the regional manager at Tambrands (it was the mother company of Tampax!). Then I worked part time at a Crane and Hoist company making cold calls and filing. The guy that owned the company was someone I had worked with at South Central Bell and AT&T. Then I stayed home for quite a few years and I’ve been working on staff at the church for 20 years. I didn’t hate any of those jobs.

6.    What thing about your family are you the most proud of? I can’t really take credit but our kids turned into awesome adults. I’m proud of who they are. I’m proud of Mark and his siblings for keeping their mother at home in her house for as long as they have. It hasn’t been easy for them.

7.    What kind of power do you want most? I’m assuming you don’t mean gas or electric? Haha! I don’t know about power. I’ve seen power abused so often that it makes me nervous. I guess I want power over my own self – to eat right and exercise and be kind.

8.    What's the best piece of advice you ever received?  I’m 65 years old. I’ve received LOTS of advice over the years. I do remember my daddy telling me that there were going to be things I had to do as an adult that I didn’t want to do, but you did them because they were the right thing to do.

9.    What's the thing you know the most about? I know my job and I know it well. I know how to cook and know a lot about cooking (but not at the chef level – just everyday cooking and cooking for a crowd). We use a database at work and I used to be the one over the database. At that time, one of my coworkers called me “the grand poobah of Shelby” because I knew so much.

10.    When were you most moved by a ceremony? I have been to several funerals that were very moving. We went to the swearing in of one of our young adults for her branch of the service.  I didn’t expect to be moved by that service, but I was.

11.    What is the best gift you ever gave to someone? I won a bottle of Pappy van Winkle bourbon and gifted it to my husband. It was a great gift!

12.    What is the cruelest thing you've ever suffered? That is a tough question. I’m not sure I want to answer this one.

13.    What's the single nastiest thing you've ever done to someone? I hope I haven’t done many truly nasty things in my life. I did recently think about writing a post and apologizing to people (not name names) from over the years. An example would be where I made someone feel less than in order to build myself up.

14.    What problem do you think is most common among friends your age? We are getting old!!

15.    What is the strongest craving you get? I am not a hugger, but every once in a while, I truly crave a hug. I will ask for a hug. I crave diet pepsis when I don’t have one. Every once in a while, I’ll “crave” an excellent cheeseburger and fries.


  1. I'm glad you've had good jobs. I've had less than good ones, including one for a long time. I'm impressed that you've been investigating your lack of knowledge about the insidiousness of racism. I think about the things *I* didn't realize a quarter century ago.

    1. 'm taking American Lit this semester (beginning to 1865). We just read "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl" by Harriet Jacobs. It was written during her lifetime and people read it and then it went away until they found it again in 1980. We also read, "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, Written by Himself." Both of those are powerful. If you ever come to Alabama, you should go to Montgomery and visit

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  3. I love that you mention craving hugs! I do too! To answer your question, I was a parts manager for a store that sold pneumatic tools. I was in charge of the parts that fixed them. I didn't mind the work, but the people were a different story.

    1. The hug thing is really weird because I'm actually not a hugger but I have found myself craving hugs lately!! Luckily, I'm loved by several friends who are always willing to give me a hug, in addition to my hubby!!

  4. Sleeping is amazing. For me it totally recharges my brain.

    Databases - that's an area of expertise for me. I am Mr Database at work.




    1. I do realize that I need to sleep. I don't sleep enough, I'm sure!!

  5. The Funeral Director (at White Chapel Montgomery) used to spend a generous amount of time visiting at my desk. He'd tell stories and I'll never forget how he was ASTOUNDED at my ignorance of race relations; what the black people endured. We've come a long way, but there's still much to be addressed, starting with people's attitudes. At one service, he was standing and greeting guests -- one man actually refused to share his hand, yet came and shook mine. Awkward.

    1. That is so horrible! I can't believe that man refused to shake his hand. Actually, I now know that kind of thing happens and it makes me sick.

  6. Good answers to some crazy questions this week! I Enjoyed my visit here! xo