Thursday, April 18, 2024

Life Lately . . .maybe a tad out of order

Our good friends and neighbors and traveling buddies have a gorgeous outdoor dining area with a fireplace and pergola. Dave worked his last day during the first week of April and was so excited about retiring! On HIS VERY FIRST DAY OF RETIREMENT, he was changing out decorative lights and he was standing on this four foot platform. On THE VERY LAST LIGHT (isn't that the way it always is?), he stepped back and there was no platform! Off to the ER they went. He broke his pelvis/hip in two places but not the ball and socket so there is no surgery involved. He has been hanging out in their house using a walker and taking medicine to control the pain. Last week, Mark took lunch to him almost every day. What a way to start retirement!!

Mark and I have been driving back and forth to our daughter's house. I realized that I have driven back and forth at least once each week, usually spending at least one night, for the last six weeks. I went down last Friday and held new baby all day. Big sister never changed out of her pj's!

This is me - no make up at all - exhausted but holding sweet baby girl! I held her so much that my arm is still sore hahaha!

Isn't this the sweetest face! She looks so much like her sister and so much like her Uncle Glenn. Uncle Glenn is her mommy's twin brother.

One reason I was so tired is the night before I drove to visit, we had tickets to see "On Golden Pond" at our local community theater. We met friends for dinner at Soho Taco which is literally next door to the theater PLUS you can get a margarita to go to take with you! They serve wine and beer and bottled water at the play, but a margarita is just so much better :-). The theater is owned by someone in our church and so we have season tickets for opening night ALONG with quite a few other church people. It is always funny when we go in. It feels a little like Cheers when Norm entered and everyone shouted, "Norm"!

A large number of the shows have been sold out. This one was very well done and it was directed by a close friend.

Did I already mention this? I should go back and check, but I'm not going to do so. I packed up the Easter supplies and made Easter letters for the sides and top of the tubs for easy attic identification. I want to get the tubs out one or two at a time and clean them out, organize, and relabel.

In order to make those labels, I used my silhouette. It sits on top of this chest all of the time and last time, I moved it over to my tiny desk. This worked much better. I think my laptop was on an overturned plastic crate hahaha!

I went to a tea for the son and future daughter-in-law of another friend from church. It was lovely.

This past Saturday night, we went to supper club with our 20+ year group. Terrie made chicken fajitas and I made homemade guacamole. Phella made Alabama Caviar (bean and corn dip). This is not her recipe, but it is probably something like this. Laura made a frozen lemon/lime dessert with tequila - sort of a frozen margarita pie. I didn't eat any but Mark enjoyed. The piggy below was on her screen porch. He is so cute!


  1. Your grand-girls are beautiful, Lisa! I love the sound of that menu and will be checking out the dip link. Thanks!

  2. Your grandkids are cute! Sorry about your friend. I am packing up my Easter decor too. I decorate a seasonal tree and that usually comes down later, but I am ready now.