Friday, April 19, 2024

10 not on the 10th of February, but on the 19th of April!

I found this really old-- February 10 on the 10th-- that I never answered. Even though I'm not linking up, I'm going to answer now. It was saved as a draft! I actually did start answering the questions back on February 11 but life intervened evidently.

1. I would rather have potato chips dipped in chip dip . . .but of those two, I would rather have potato chips dipped in chocolate. I actually think I went to a party where they had Pringles dipped in chocolate!

2. My significant other would roll his eyes at either one but I would recite a poem probably.

3. I think Dolly Parton would be a cool dinner companion. I would like to hear about her books for kids program.

4. I'm going to choose one rose in a color I love -- pink!

5. I'm going to wear the red with orange hearts!

6. I don't even have to ponder this answer! I would love to go for a carriage ride in the Scottish Highlands. Scotland is on our places to visit!!

7. This was not an option, but Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds could deliver my pizza hahaha!

8. I think I would rather sleep on flannel sheets with teddy bears (since this was back in February). I've never slept on silk sheets. I'm not sure I would like them. I am a little bit of a sheet snob!!

9. What a choice - chocolates with least favorite filling or flowers to which I am allergic! I'm going with chocolates and I can give them away!

10. A surprise date is always fun!

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